Dream Of Witnessing A Fight (What This Really Means!)

dream of witnessing a fight

For most people, witnessing a fight is an unpleasant thought, and worries about parties getting hurt or even killed will likely be a concern. 

Add to that the idea of being stuck on the sidelines having to watch this display of violence. You’ll understand how a dream of witnessing a fight can make you feel pretty bad.

Considering our subconscious replays themes and emotions from our waking lives in our dream cycles to process what we’ve gone through, it’s pretty likely that dreaming about witnessing a fight has to do with conflicts in our reality. 

Aggression in dreams is a typical feature for the majority of people. Some studies have shown that up to 15% of women’s dreams and 20% of men’s dream scenarios reference aggression.

Let’s examine what a dream like this could mean for you…

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Seeing A Fight?

Dreams about witnessing a fight could imply that various aspects of yourself are at war with each other or that you feel like a disaster is imminent due to severe tensions in your waking life. It could also represent a desire for someone to resolve a situation.

Dreams Of Witnessing An Argument

Almost a precursor to an actual fight, an argument can be just as intense as when all hell breaks loose. It can induce the same feelings of anxiety but still leave you distressed. 

For example, suppose you dream of standing on the sidelines watching someone argue. In that case, you could be feeling excluded from important situations around you.

However, it could also be that you’re experiencing an inner conflict or struggle and trying to hear both sides of the story

Imagine having an out-of-body experience where you can see the two sides of your conscious arguing about the right way forward. 

On the other hand, this also represents the fact that you know there are challenges in your life, whether in your personal or professional life, or that your life is overwhelming, busy, and chaotic

Sometimes when various aspects of our life call for our attention, it can manifest in battles or arguments in our dreams. 

Dreams About People Fighting 

Dreams most often build on our emotions about what’s happening in our waking life. In the case of dreams about people fighting, the predominant feelings are fear and anxiety. Even if we dream that we aren’t involved in the actual fighting, it still evokes anxiety and worry when those around us have an altercation.

Regardless of what kind of fighting we’re witnessing in our dream, the critical issue is that you are watching it unfold. In some cases, this could imply that you feel you are standing on the sidelines of a fight that you could either help to:

  • stop, 
  • win, 
  • break up, 
  • Or intrude in a private matter you shouldn’t even be involved in.

There are many possible interpretations for dreaming about people fighting, so let’s take a closer look at what these could mean based on some of the details in your dream. 

Dream About Someone You Know Fighting

Naturally, when the people involved in the fight are people you know, the feelings of stress and concern can be amplified. You will worry that they won’t come out of the battle alive or may be injured, and you may wish to intervene. But, again, this could reflect a situation in your waking life where you feel you don’t have control – it’s most likely that you are experiencing a volatile problem in real life that could be somewhat explosive.

Consider your current lifestyle, the relationships you’re invested in, and your career:

  • Are there any scenarios that could culminate in a battle or an argument? 
  • Is there something happening that requires a confrontation to settle it or for it to be decided? 
  • Is something unjust or unfair happening that will lead to a big blowout?

This could be symbolized by witnessing a fight in a dream. For example:

  • Do you feel done at work and want someone to stand up for you? 
  • Or do you feel like someone needs to fight for you in some way or another? 
  • Is there a person or people in your life that you think you need to confront each other to make peace with? 

Witnessing a fight in a dream could be related to any of these scenarios. 

Meaning Of Seeing A Couple Fighting In A Dream

If the people you see fighting in your dream are a couple, this can feel very awkward. Generally, arguments between couples are private matters that should happen behind closed doors, so you may feel rather sheepish or embarrassed to witness such an argument in the first place. 

However, in this case, it may reflect on a situation in your waking life that you shouldn’t be involved in

For example, are you privy to information about a couple you know you shouldn’t say? Or perhaps you’re aware of information that could hurt the relationship. Another possibility is that you’ve sensed tensions between friends or are concerned about their relationship. 

Your worry has translated into a dream following this format.

Dream About Two Guys Fighting

dream about two guys fighting

With two guys engaging in a fight, your dream about people fighting may be rather specific. If these two guys are known to you, you may find that you’ve picked up on subconscious tensions in real life or that you’re frustrated from your side with them but are too afraid to confront them. 

You may be projecting your desire to settle the frustrations in this way.

Two guys fighting could symbolize aspects of your life at war. For example, 

  • Do you find that you’re struggling to decide on your career or personal life?
  • Or that you’re undecided on the way forward in some areas? 

This could represent how your mind is trying to reason out a way forward. 

Alternatively, it’s also possible that you feel two versions of you are at war with each other

  • Are you at a crossroads, perhaps, and unsure how to proceed? 
  • Do you need to make significant decisions about your future, and you’re struggling to come to a conclusion? 

The two guys fighting in your dream could represent these two pathways you must choose from.

Dream Of Separating A Fight

When witnessing the fight isn’t the only thing you’re doing in your dream; it can feel even scarier if you step in to stop the fight, try and solve the problem, or save one of the parties. 

In this case, you may feel like you are caught in the middle of a situation or being forced to pick sides 

  • does this resonate with a problem in your waking life?

Perhaps you’re the middleman between friends or relatives who are bumping heads, or you’re forced into the role of peacemaker or mediator at work. Dreaming that you’re separating parties fighting can represent your desire to resolve an issue as much as it can symbolize how upset you are to step in when those you love are at war. 

In your waking life, you may find that you are feeling betrayed or that you feel those around you have deceived you. So stepping into separate warring parties or stopping a fight may be your subconscious way of reflecting your hope for resolution. Still, it may also symbolize drawing a line and saying you’re done with it. The latter is quite a positive thing.

Dreams such as these can be distressing, but dissecting what’s happening in your reality can help you identify areas of stress and worry and, in so doing, help bring about peace. Once you can remember where and why you are feeling the friction, you can actively work towards resolving it. 

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