Dreaming Of Someone Who Did You Wrong ( Hidden Meaning!)

dreaming of someone who did you wrong

Have you ever dreamed about someone you were close to, but they ended up doing you wrong? 

I had a recurring dream about an old friend who told lies about me, and I wanted to understand why they kept cropping up in my dreams

What was my mind trying to tell me by bringing this hurtful person into my dreams?

I wondered if there was an unresolved issue I needed to deal with before my mind would let this person go. 

If you’ve had a similar situation, you’ll know that hurt can take a long time to fade, and dreams can force us to deal with an issue we’d prefer to avoid. 

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone Who Did You Wrong?

Many dreams depict human relationships in one way or another. This is our dreaming mind’s way of reviewing past and present connections and affinities. In general, a dream about someone who did you wrong could symbolize a lack of self-belief and feelings of insecurity.

Human relationships often appear in dreams, including those that turn sour. That suppressed pain comes out in our dreams, such as when we dream about hurtful exes, family members or friends who did us wrong, or even the casual cruelty of strangers.

Unfinished Business

Your relationship with that person may have ended with some things still unresolved

Sometimes our brain is trying to tie up loose ends, including things we left unsaid. It’s only occasionally necessary to act on these dreams. If we acknowledge that there were unfinished issues, it can help clear the subconscious.

You Want Retribution

When someone does something terrible to us, some part of us longs for the scales to be balanced. Sometimes our mind is so desperate for the wrong to be punished that we can’t stop dreaming about this person.

By taking action, you can settle that part of your mind. Of course, it could be as simple as telling that person they hurt you, but generally, trying to get revenge on them will rarely go well.

The Person Hurt You Badly

Sometimes we dream about people who caused deep and lasting hurt—emotional or physical. For example, an ex or an abusive family member may crop up in our dreams because we still fear them and what they did to us.

That hurt has left emotional scars from which we need to heal. 

Suppose you’re still constantly dreaming about that person. It could be your brain telling you it’s time to get help with the healing process—perhaps with therapy or counseling.

There is Still Hope

You could dream about someone who did you wrong because you still love them and hope to fix your issues. But, unfortunately, sometimes people can do terrible things to those they love. So, while there is no one correct answer, you have to think about how it will affect you to forgive someone their hurt and let them back into your life.

You Have Feelings of Rejection

While sleeping, your subconscious mind can explore different avenues to discover why a relationship went wrong. We often want to come to terms with our role at the end of the relationship.

Perhaps you’re scared you did something wrong, and that’s why that person rejected you. However, your dreams are pushing you to forgive yourself. Once you’ve allowed room for your own mistakes, you can move on.

As Erik H. Erikson said, “The more you know yourself, the more patience you have for what you see in others.”

We Need To Forgive to Move On

That last point brings us to another important thing our dreams may be trying to tell us. We need to forgive ourselves, but sometimes the best way to let go of someone hurting us is to forgive them

Forgiving people who hurt us is a challenging thing to do, and I struggled with it! 

But I found that once I allowed myself to forgive that person and what they did to me, I stopped dreaming about them. The brain can use dreams to help you realize what emotional clutter you need to get rid

They Symbolize Something in Our Lives

Just because you dream about someone in particular, it may not mean that you need to reach out to them or come to terms with what they did. It could be that you have long since moved on. 

Their appearance in your dream may instead warn you about another person in your life displaying similar behavior, especially if that person also appears. They may also symbolize something in our behavior that our mind is flagging.

Why Did I Dream About A Close Friend Who Hurt Me?

dream about a close friend who hurt you

Sometimes we dream about someone close to us who did something that hurt us badly. We’ve decided we never want to see them again in our day-to-day life, but they keep coming up in our dreams. If you dream of a friend who hurt you, it might be that we’re scared of losing that person for good.

Perhaps they played a massive role in our lives as a mentor or a figure we wanted to emulate, making that feeling of disappointment even more complicated.

It’s possible to still take good things from the relationship that once was, even if we no longer want or need that person. Your dreams remind you to focus on the things you learned from them and then, reconcile to that, let them go.

Why Do I Still Dream About Someone Who Hurt Me?

It might be that where you once loved or respected someone, you now dislike them because of how they hurt you. Your dream may focus on them because you see an aspect of yourself reflected in their bad behavior.

Dreams often use symbols to teach us something about ourselves, and the intense focus on someone who hurt us may warn us not to inflict the same hurt on others.

Suppose you’re dreaming about someone who did you wrong. In that case, it might be worth considering the relationships you have now and noticing if you are doing similar things to others.

People we see in dreams may reflect our inner life and experiences and serve as a warning. The dream tells us we need to change our behavior.

Why Do I Dream About Someone Doing Me Wrong

If this person keeps showing up in your dreams, it indicates issues you need to resolve. There are many ways you can tackle this, so it helps to think about all the other aspects of your dream, as this can guide you to a path of action.

  • What kind of emotions are in the dream—are you scared to see them, or do you miss them?
  • In what situation do they appear? Perhaps their presence signifies a similar situation brewing at work or with a different relationship.
  • The person could be a warning about another relationship you are beginning.
  • Perhaps you overreacted to a slight, and it’s time to bury the hatchet?
  • Is this simply a sign of wish fulfillment where you long for the time before your relationship went sour?

Our relationships with others are essential aspects of our life, so it’s not surprising they recur in our dreams, especially when things go wrong. When people who hurt us appear in our dreams, it is often a sign that they are a stumbling block to us moving on. 

Whether you need to forgive them, find a way to heal, or reach out again will depend on your unique relationship.

Sometimes they reflect a negative behavior we are duplicating and warn us to change our actions.

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