I Dream About Car Brakes Not Working (What Does It Mean?)

dream about car brakes not working

The idea of not being able to bring a speeding car to a stop is scary. 

Dreaming about being in a motor vehicle, wanting to brake, and feeling no response when you press the pedal will most likely induce severe anxiety and stress. 

But what does it mean if you dream about car brakes not working?

Some of the greatest minds, including Sigmund Freud, believed that dreams could uncover hidden desires and fears that can have negative consequences if they remain unfulfilled. 

So despite dreams about failed car brakes being scary, analyzing what these symbols represent allows us to deal with the real-life reasons behind these unpleasant feelings.

It’s true that nightmares can be triggered by physical stressors, trauma, or medications. But dreams like this could help reveal parts of your life that are causing you stress or hurt. 

Endeavor to understand your unique situation and look for details of your life that provoked the dream.

Are you headed on a course you can’t control? 

By using dreams to make better decisions and positive changes in our lives, we will live a healthier, more peaceful existence.

What Do Dreams About Car Brakes Failing Mean? 

Dreaming about car brakes that don’t work could mean you feel your journey in your waking life spiraling out of control or moving too fast. Other meanings behind failing breaks could pertain to a specific path you’ve chosen that you feel concerned won’t end well. Dreams like these may even serve as warnings for risky behavior we shouldn’t engage in.

Recurring Dreams Of Car Brakes Not Working

The thought of being in a moving vehicle and unable to stop would be a scary situation in real life. So it’s understandable that it would induce anxiety by dreaming about it. 

Experts in psychology and the study of our emotions believe that dreams  (especially those that recur) reflect our waking life and the common themes from our daily existence. Recurring dreams are thought to represent needs that aren’t being met, frustrations, and even issues from the past

With this in mind, these dreams often evoke feelings we’re not confronting while awake!

To understand what it could mean, let’s break down the idea of traveling by car and not being able to come to a safe stop. 

What Do Cars Symbolize In Dreams?

The first part of this dream is quite essential: what does it mean if you dream about cars in general? 

For the most part, cars symbolize the ability to go places – not just in a physical sense but also in terms of progress in your life, emotional or psychological growth, or moving on from a situation. 

If you dream about driving a car, it could mean that your life is on a specific path in your waking life. 

Whether this refers to your career aspirations, personal growth, or the trajectory of a relationship will be significant to you, and in this way, so will the car ride in your dream.

Pay attention to what the car ride in your dream is like, whether you’re traveling slowly, going too fast, or feeling unsafe.

  • Are you driving in a storm? 
  • Is it a pleasant, leisurely cruise? 

Details like this could reflect your subconscious feelings toward your life’s path. 

What Do Brakes Not Working On A Car Mean?

what do brakes not working in a dream mean

It stands to reason that if you can’t stop the car in your dream, it could symbolize you cannot halt or slow down the trajectory of your waking life. 

Perhaps you think something is moving too fast, and you want to slow it down – the meaning behind broken car brakes could mean you feel you can’t slow things down.

If we accept that dreaming about cars relates to how we move through life in our waking hours, then the inability to stop – together with the panic about that fact – means we feel we have no control over our current journey

  • Is something happening that you think is pushing you toward a disaster? 
  • For example, is a relationship moving too fast, and you feel it will end badly?

Another interesting question is, who is behind the wheel in your dream?

Are you driving a car that cannot stop, or is someone else piloting the vehicle and not able to bring it to a halt? 

In the case of the latter, it’s possible that you feel someone has taken over a part of your life, and you think you’re headed on a collision course that you can’t prevent.

A final possibility is that the dream resonates with a part of you that’s resisting progress

It could indicate that you’re afraid to break free and move forward. The anxiety of not having functioning brakes represents the fear of moving out of a comfort zone towards growth. 

It could even serve as a warning that you need to slow down and take stock of where you’re at currently.

Dream About A Car Rolling Backwards With No Brakes 

In the same way that traveling somewhere by car in a dream could represent growth, movement, or progress in a specific direction, a car rolling backward could represent slipping back into old habits or returning to a comfort zone instead of growing

In dreams where you cannot halt, and the result is the car rolling backward, you may be experiencing a fear of regression.

  • Are there aspects of your life that you are struggling to change? 
  • Are old habits repeating themselves?

Returning to an old job, rekindling a previous relationship, or even picking up bad habits from your past are all relevant if you’re backsliding. 

Perhaps such a dream is warning you that you’ve become complacent about the goals you’ve set for yourself

Dream About Brakes Not Working And Crashing

It stands to reason that dreaming about your car brakes not working and crashing will spike severe anxiety. But if we look at what this dream symbol represents, we might better understand our apprehensiveness and fear.

A collision or a crash in your dream could represent a significant disaster coming to a head in your waking life. 

There may be a situation at work or in your home life that has been festering, and you have avoided it thus far. But now you feel that you can’t stop the fallout. 

This could be a reason for dreaming about car brakes failing and ending up in an accident.

It’s also possible this dream manifests significant fears you have about taking risks

Not everyone enjoys risk-taking, and sometimes our fear that things won’t go well hinders us from making changes or stepping out of our comfort zone. The threat of a “collision” in our lives would undoubtedly leave us feeling anxious, which could come through in our dreams.


Dreaming about car brakes not working can be a terrifying experience, just as it would be in real life. 

Dreams like this clearly represent issues about control.

Your fears are manifesting in your dream life. 

Some may even see this as a warning that taking a particular path may end in disaster. But understanding the nuances and how they pertain to your life can help ease that concern. 

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