What Does It Mean If I Dream of Healing Someone? (Unlock The Secret!)

dream of healing someone

Famous psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud, stated that dreams were a road to the unconscious, derived from our waking lives and revealing our unconscious desires

In his theory of dreams, Freud explained that many desires and impulses are repressed in waking life but come to light in our dream state.

However, dreaming about something as life-changing as healing someone takes on a deeper meaning. 

The clues to your desires and hopes can lie in such dreams. 

Humans cannot cure or heal another person by willpower alone. But dreaming about doing so can show you important aspects of your subconscious.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Healing Someone? 

Dreaming of healing someone could indicate your desire to reconcile with someone you care for or to help them through a difficult situation. Such dreams could also symbolize your good intentions and need to alleviate the pain or burdens of those you love.

Dreams About Healing  

The act of healing someone without medicine or a team of qualified staff is usually the reserve of superhero movies and religion (where it is believed that faith or divinely gifted talents can help you to heal an ailing person). 

While this is a common theme in religious texts, dreams like these are not limited to those who have a deep faith or feel exceptionally connected to religion or spirituality. 

So what could dreaming about being able to heal someone signify then? 

What Does Healing Mean In A Dream?

The meaning of having a healing ability in a dream is the need or desire to repair or fix something or someone. Whether you desire to heal a relationship or to be able to cure someone who is ill or hurting physically.

The act of healing someone is, in itself, quite a miraculous thought. Whether you are religious or not, the concept of being able to cure another is supernatural. However, your dream may not address the origin of your ability to heal someone. 

So it’s essential to look at your current life circumstances and see where there are situations that require repair. 

The desire to heal something (whether a professional relationship or a friendship with someone you care about) also speaks about a desire to protect or reconcile with that person

  • Perhaps you feel they are in harm’s way or having a tough time? 

The common denominator in such dreams is that there seems to be inherent goodness within you or good intentions from your side to want to help, heal, repair, or make life easier for those around you

Dreaming of Having Healing Powers

Suppose you have healing powers in your dream. In that case, this divine or supernatural gift implies that you are in control, can fix things, and can do something generally impossible. Dreaming of having healing powers is a personal validation that you are capable.

Taking time to consider where you are in life would be helpful at this point. For example, if you find some relationships have broken down or people you care about are in negative places, having a dream about healing them implies that you can add value and positively change that situation. 

Dreams About Healing Hands

dreams about healing hands

A dream about healing hands underscores your ability to make drastic changes for good in the lives of others, and this is an inherent quality.

Like the idea that you have healing powers, explicitly having healing hands in a dream is also important. Not only do you have the ability inside you to exact miraculous change, but your hands are your tools in this regard. 

As a confirmation of your inherent goodness, dreams of having healing hands validate that you desire to help and see others doing well and being happy. And since your hands are used in almost every activity of your day, it implies that your ability to do good for others is not limited in any specific way – you can help others without needing special tools because it’s who you are.

Dream Of Laying Hands On Someone And Healing Them

Suppose your healing ability in your dream pertains explicitly to you laying hands on another to heal them. In that case, the significant aspect to consider is touch. Reaching out to other people is a very personal action, and not everyone likes to be touched – so to heal them may mean getting closer to them than your relationship with them would initially allow.

Dreams about laying hands on others are also traditionally quite religious, as this is very much an action that divine personalities have undergone in many religions. In fact, some feel that only gods or other anointed individuals have this ability or gift.

Some feel that dreaming about laying hands on others and healing them speaks of arrogance and an overinflated sense of your importance. Scrutinize your waking life to see if your desire to heal or repair bonds or relationships results from your deep caring for someone or because it will paint you as a savior.

Someone Asking For Healing Hands In A Dream

If you dream of someone asking you to heal them, this could represent a person, relationship, or situation you have distanced yourself from. 

It’s important to consider who this person is in your dream. 

If it’s someone you know, try to examine their role in your life and what they mean to you. 

Suppose they represent negative aspects or a traumatic experience for you. In that case, it could mean that your heart and mind are ready for you to forgive and move on. Your dream could indicate that you are capable of – and ready to – deal with past traumas and move forward. 

More simply, it could be an act of someone reaching out to you in your waking life and requesting reconciliation

Dreams of Healing Others

It’s important to mention that in many cultures and religions, having a dream about healing others is considered a divine calling. It is believed that spiritually you have been chosen, selected, and blessed with a gift that requires you to follow a specific path to serve.

If this doesn’t resonate with you, dreams of healing others would be significant if the person is known to you, especially if your relationship with that person is particularly close. 

  • Are they in a situation that requires help? 
  • Is there something you can do to make things easier for them? 
  • Or is it more that your relationship with them needs some attention? 

Dreams of healing others often hark back to a need to reconcile with them or patch things up after a disagreement. But, more straightforwardly, it could also represent your subconscious desire to improve a bad situation:  

  • Is someone in your life struggling and needing a helping hand somehow?

Dream of Someone Healing Me

A dream of someone else healing you could speak about your need to be taken care of or a desire for someone to help you. 

It’s worth thinking about areas of your life that you feel are difficult or painful and whether you’re yearning for someone to save you.


Dreams about healing others or curing ourselves can seem particularly emotional because it implies near supernatural powers or gifts to cure someone of an illness or injury. Yet, while such dreams could represent your desire to help others, to change their situation, or reconcile a relationship with them, it also highlights your good heart that wants to ease the burdens of others. 

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