10 Dreams About Cleaning (The True Meaning)

cleaning dream

You’re not alone! 

Dreams about cleaning and organizing are actually pretty common.

But they can have a variety of meanings depending on the context and your emotional reaction to the dream.

I’m going to help you find exactly what your dream means, so you can take advantage of the things your subconscious intelligence is trying to communicate.

After all… Your cleaning dream could represent something highly relevant to your waking life right now.

What does it mean when you dream about cleaning up?

As a rule, cleaning in dreams refers to something disturbing or troubling in the dreamers waking life. It represents inner cleansing and a need to get rid of negative emotional responses. The more intense the level of cleaning, the more your subconscious mind needs to be unburdened.

But it’s not always as simple as that, and other interpretations might be possible.

Before we get into detail, let’s start by examining what dreams about cleaning mean in general.

Cleaning Dreams

To find the most fitting interpretation, remember that dreams are very personal, and most of the time they relate to things going on in your current life.

Dreams like this can have a variety of explanations. For example it could be:

  • Something obvious
  • Some kind of negative issue
  • Something positive happening in your life

Sometimes the obvious conclusion is the correct one !

Examine what’s going on in your waking life at the moment. If there’s an obvious reason for dreaming about cleaning up, and if that “clicks” with your feelings, then go with that.

Maybe you’ve been meaning to clean something for the past few days and haven’t gotten around to it yet?

Yep… It can be that simple.

ignore unremarkable meanings !

Mundane reasons like this can be ignored. However if you struggle to find a good reason for the cleaning theme of your dream, search your mind for a deeper, metaphorical meaning.

If this is the case then the act of cleaning is actually a dream symbol. In other words, it represents something else.

Research suggests that the specifics of a dream are less important than your response to them.

Emotions are important!

Begin by asking yourself what you felt during the dream.

If your reaction was negative, this could indicate the need to cleanse your subconscious of something troublesome, or getting rid of old habits and emotional baggage.

Did the cleaning up seem normal, or was it vigorous and energetic? The amount of effort displayed could indicate the level of importance of the issue conveyed by your unconscious mind.

Alternatively, maybe you felt good about tidying up?

This may indicate an improvement in the way you intend to represent yourself to the waking world.

Be honest and open with yourself when you think things through. Remember the objective is to understand the dreamer not the dream!

Cleaning is actually a common dream theme and it’s often associated with many different contexts. Some of the most popular situations are talked about in more detail below.

The scenery where the dream is taking place can be a clue to revealing the meaning of a dream.

1. What Does it Mean to Dream of Cleaning a House

dream about cleaning a house

Dreams of cleaning a house often suggest a desire to get more organized in your conscious life. The act of getting rid of dust and grime is symbolic of overcoming mental obstacles before you can achieve a more organized existence. 

Carl Jung saw the house as a clear “metaphor for the psyche” (your mind, soul, and spirit).

In other words, a house is thought to be a powerful symbol of self. And the interior of the house represents our inner feelings.

Cleaning the interior of a house is a distinct symbol for cleaning yourself up psychologically.

Sometimes the very act of “cleaning house” means your subconscious is telling you that it’s time to face up to becoming a more organized person!

How did you feel in the dream? An uneasy feeling about cleaning up could indicate you haven’t taken action that you feel deep down is really needed. But a good feeling about cleaning in a dream could be supporting the way you’re organizing your waking life.

2. Dreaming of Cleaning a Dirty House

Dirt in a dream can refer to something you find offensive in waking life. If the dirty aspect of the house stands out, it is possible your subconscious is trying to indicate how important it is for you to take action.

The fact that you haven’t dealt with the issue is perhaps something you’re unconsciously ashamed of.

Take the time to examine your feelings, and think about what actions would improve your waking existence.

3. Dreaming of Cleaning the Yard

In general, the exterior of a house portrays the part of ourselves we show the outside world. To take things further, to dream of tidying the front yard depicts parts of yourself that are overtly public, and the backyard could be a more intimate side of yourself.

So cleaning the yard might mean improving the way you represent yourself to the world. And if you felt happy this probably reflects your waking feelings of satisfaction with yourself.

4. What it Means to Dream about Cleaning the Floor

Floors represent things that support us. And it’s often said that a floor signifies the separation between the subconscious and conscious mind. The dirty appearance of the floor is significant, and cleaning it could mean you want to connect with the potential of your subconscious intellect.

This in itself is very positive because it means you’re already aware of the importance of your unconscious intelligence. A dream of sweeping the floor shows a desire to use the powerful self-knowledge hidden in your dreams.

5. Cleaning a Room in a Dream

If you see yourself cleaning a room in a dream, the type of room itself could have an important significance. The feelings you associate with the room are the first clue to what the dream really means.

For example a bedroom is an intimate place for most of us. It’s a place we go for private time and to reflect on our lives. It’s a place to withdraw and for catching up on healing rest.

In other words…

It represents parts of our lives we prefer to keep private.

Dreaming of cleaning this space might symbolize a need for attention for something in your private domain.

6. Dream about Cleaning a Bathroom

It is often suggested that a bathroom symbolizes self-purification or a need for emotional cleansing. Cleaning a bathroom in a dream might express anxiety about your public image.

It’s possible that you need to express yourself better in the public realm but something emotional is holding back your free self-expression.

Perhaps you need to speak up for yourself better in your day to day life. This dream symbol could be telling you to face up to certain negative feelings, so you can improve the way you present yourself in public.

After all, the bathroom is related to the “process of elimination”.

7. To Dream about Cleaning a Toilet

dream of cleaning toilets

To dream of a dirty toilet can indicate a desire to “eliminate waste” but you feel frustrated in some way. By cleaning the toilet you will pave the way to cleaning up your emotions or freeing your spirit.

According to Freudian psychoanalysis activities associated with toilets can reveal struggles experienced during toilet training as a child, which could lead to a more rigid or disorganized personality !

Perhaps your unconscious is drawing your attention to a limiting behavior you need to be rid of?

8. Dreaming about Cleaning a Mirror

Mirrors indicate concern about your self-image. A dirty mirror in a dream suggests self delusion. Cleaning the mirror means your subconscious is proposing that you look at yourself in a different way.

The reversed image you see in a mirror could be significant. In a mirror you don’t see yourself the way that others see you. Perhaps it’s time to step back and take a good look at yourself?

Ancient dream theory says that seeing your face in a mirror means that a secret is going to be revealed to you.

Keep an eye out for surprising new exposed truths!

9. A Dream about Cleaning Teeth

dream about cleaning teeth

There’s an obvious meaning for dreaming about teeth. Do not ignore an event such as a trip to the dentist or a toothache. Sometimes dream meanings can be mundane. But a dream about cleaning teeth could also have a connection to your self-image.

Teeth in general symbolize many different things about ourselves. But it’s possible that cleaning teeth reflects something about your self-confidence.

If you’re entering a new phase or challenge in your waking life, it’s possible you’re feeling insecure. A dream like this could symbolize strengthening your sense of confidence in yourself.

10.Seeing Someone Cleaning in a Dream

Seeing someone else doing the cleaning in your dream could refer to several different but similar themes. In particular it connects to your responsibility to yourself or others.

Think back to your dream and ask yourself if any of the following ideas strike a chord.

  • Firstly, it might mean that you are taking unfair advantage of someone in your waking hours.
  • Or maybe you’re simply avoiding responsibility for something?
  • It could also suggest that you’re not taking charge of your own life and you’re letting others make important decisions for you.
  • You might just be overwhelmed by duties in waking life at the moment ? If you’re preoccupied by the needs of others, you probably need to refocus on your own life.

Spiritual Meaning of Cleaning in a Dream

Traditionally the spiritual significance of cleaning in dreams symbolizes deliverance, and that god, or the universe, is setting you free from waking issues. Negative vibrations are being cleared away and your soul will be free of adverse emotions.

Why do I keep Dreaming about Cleaning?

Repetitive dreams about cleaning are probably linked to unresolved problems in the dreamer’s life.

The dream might not be exactly the same each time, but carry a similar theme. But the fact that they recur could indicate a more deep underlying issue you would like to resolve, and possibly dating back a longer period of time, and not just your present-day experiences.

Try to identify the causes and the effect it has on your life, so you can move forward and find a way to address these fundamental concerns.

Cleaning up your Emotions While you Dream

Whatever type of cleaning images you experience in your dreams you can rest assured that something good is happening for your mental well-being.

Sleep researcher Matthew Walker(author of “Why We Sleep”) discovered that dreams help us to “clean ourselves up emotionally”.

Dreaming during the REM stage of sleep helps us to alleviate the emotional pain of difficult waking experiences, and offers “emotional resolution when you awake the next morning”.


As you can see, cleaning dreams have some obvious connections with issues about self-cleansing or emotional reorganization.

Remember, the language of dreams uses symbolic images.

The act of cleaning in dreams is an image borrowed by your unconscious to try and communicate something going on inside you.

Many people learn from their dreams and even find inspiration from them. Be open with yourself about how the dream felt, to discover underlying feelings you might need to face.

Every dream can reveal something new about ourselves!

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