What Does it Mean to Dream of Caterpillars (Truth Revealed!)

dream of caterpillars

Think about it ! 

What does a caterpillar represent for you ? For me it’s an obvious sign of evolution towards a better self.

A dream of caterpillars can have multiple meanings depending on your own personal reaction to the dream. But it also depends on each individual’s definition of what a caterpillar means.

There are some fascinating and widely accepted interpretations of this “dream symbol”.

So in order to get a complete understanding of your dream, consider some of the following essential ideas, to help you figure out what your unconscious intelligence is trying to tell you.

Caterpillar Dream Interpretation

As a general rule, to dream of caterpillars symbolizes change and important personal development. This signifies that you will need to face up to some difficult challenges in order to realize your full potential.

So you’re on the right path!

You just need to struggle onward to become a better you!

At the same time, other factors might need to be taken into account to fully understand your dream.

To really get a better understanding you could try thinking deeper about what this amazing creature represents for you.

For example, look at the different stages of growth of a caterpillar:

caterpillar symbol of transformation

The larva (or caterpillar) transforms into a cocoon, (or chrysalis) and finally a fully fledged butterfly. To emerge from the chrysalis involves a struggle, which this creature endures with a certain amount ofgrace.

We all learn about this amazing metamorphosis when we’re young, so the transformation represented by the caterpillar is easily understood.

What do Caterpillars Symbolize

Why don’t dreams give direct information to the person who dreams?

When we dream, our unconscious uses images of things to communicate ideas (sometimes known as dream symbols).

So with this in mind, your subconscious could be trying to tell you about a similar struggle in your waking life using caterpillar symbolism.

  • The most obvious conclusion is that you need to undergo a complete transformation in order to become a better version of yourself.
  • Caterpillars can also symbolize a need to withdraw, perhaps for introspection and healing (think of the chrysalis stage where the caterpillar hides itself away in a protective case).
  • It could also mean you need to face up to profound changes in your current waking life.
  • Or you could simply be facing a challenging phase in your personal life.
  • A caterpillar can also represent untrustworthy people (thought to be inspired by the way caterpillars hide their true nature).
  • On a more basic Freudian level, the meaning of a caterpillar is associated with male sexuality (literally implied by the physical appearance of caterpillars).

Any of these associations could be used by your subconscious in an attempt to guide you in the waking world. 


Don’t ignore the most obvious

Maybe you don’t need to search for a profound reason like the ones above!

Don’t ignore the obvious meanings that are a simple reflection of your everyday encounters.

Did you see a caterpillar somewhere recently in your waking moments?

If this is the case, your dream is probably just a way for your brain to categorize and organize your memories. If this is the most noticeable reason for caterpillars appearing while you sleep don’t pay too much attention to this kind of association,

I Had a Dream of Caterpillars

I had a dream of caterpillars

” I know dreams can seem pretty weird, but this one made my skin crawl!

You’ll see why in a moment.

I had a dream about a green caterpillar crawling out of my hand. Not a very reassuring sight, that’s for sure! What could possibly be the meaning of such a vivid apparition?

Strangely, I wasn’t particularly scared or repulsed by this vision. But it was enough for me to remember when I woke up.

When I have a dream like this I try to make a note as soon as possible about all the details of the dream (keep a dream journal or even a Dictaphone near your bedside for exactly this purpose).

So how did I interpret this dream for me personally?

At the time of the dream I needed to make some important decisions about how to progress in my working life. I had a number of ideas but wasn’t sure how to move forward or which idea to pursue to make the best progress.

I associate the color green with calm, nature, and advancement. And our skin is our natural protective layer against the outside world. Could the meaning be that my subconscious is telling me I need to make a choice and follow one of my ideas if I want to make true progress? By hesitating, was I trying to protect myself from possible failure or struggles?

So I made a decision.

Being in motion feels more positive than doubting my potential 🙂 “

If you see a caterpillar in your dreams, the important thing to keep in mind is to think about the context, and your emotional response.

Insects and moth like bugs all have their own particular meanings for each of us, but you also need to consider the setting of the dream

The Dream Expert Dr. Gayle Delaney recommends asking yourself questions such as “How does it feel to be in this setting?”. You should note all the major parts of a dream, then link them together to create a complete dream story.

Here are some typical examples of common dream settings involving caterpillars:

What does it Mean to Dream of Caterpillars Crawling on Me

If your body is crawling with caterpillars in a dream, this suggests a need to cleanse your body of toxins of some kind. Similarly, this is commonly accepted as a sign that you need to purify your psyche of some kind of frustration.

Bugs or grubs crawling on you could also be a sign that someone you know is “feeding off you” and taking advantage of your kindness.

Note: The psyche refers to your mind, spirit and soul. Or what most people consider to be our personality. In Freudian psychology the psyche includes both unconscious and conscious elements. Interestingly, to the Greeks, the psyche also meant “butterfly”, which reveals how the Greeks pictured the human soul.

A Dream of Caterpillars in My Hair

Hair is generally accepted as a sign of strength and vitality. Caterpillars in your hair could be warning about a negative influence in waking life which will affect your self esteem or your level of energy.

You know the expression “get out of my hair”?

For dream interpretation a large number of caterpillars could stand for all the small irritating day-to-day problems going on in your conscious life, and maybe you should find a way to cope with them, before you can make the progress you need.

Insects like caterpillars can also represent people or events which irritate you, and are a sign from your unconscious mind that you must deal with the things bothering you.

A number of caterpillars in your hair indicates many little irritating events in your life.

And I reckon it would probably be worse if they were hairy caterpillars!

Dreams about hair are actually very common. One other similar ​symbol is when you dream about going bald…

What does it Mean if you See a Lot of Caterpillars?

An insect like a caterpillar takes on another dream meaning when they arrive in great numbers. The Jungian interpretation of insects is that they are irritating and possibly threatening, especially if in large numbers.

So what’s the symbolism for this kind of vision?

If you see a lot of caterpillars in a dream this could mean a harmful influence in your waking life. Especially one which threatens your development. 

Dream of a Caterpillar in My Ear

Ears in dreams can be a sign of openness and a willingness to “listen” to others. A caterpillar in your ear could indicate you need to listen to a message from someone in waking life, in particular concerning your personal development.

Keep your ears open !

Stay open-minded about other people’s opinions. You never know when good advice will come your way.

To Dream of a Caterpillar in my Bed

dream of a caterpillar in my bed

Your bed represents an intimate place where you go for rest and recuperation. Dreaming of a caterpillar in your bed could depict changes or transformations in your relationships with someone intimate.

Your bed and bedroom is something we want to keep private. But it’s also a place shared with loved ones. This could indicate a desire for profound changes with people close to you?

Note: A Freudian psychoanalysis would probably connect this image to an issue relating to sexuality.

A Dream about a Giant Caterpillar

In dreams, size has the same influence on meaning as it does in real-life. A “giant” caterpillar could indicate the importance or overwhelming aspect of the challenges you face in waking life.

Remember the overall dream interpretation for caterpillars listed above? Any of these analyses could be the one your dreams are attracting attention to.

But the size of the caterpillar signifies something major or essential.

Perhaps you’re on the verge of realizing bigger dreams !

Dream about a Poisonous Caterpillar

Poison in a dream can be a symbol of emotional toxins. This could symbolize a need to protect yourself emotionally or physically so you do not compromise your personal development.

Poison in a dream is a strong warning sign. Is it possible that someone is attacking you in some way? Is there someone trying to “poison your thoughts” at the moment ?

This could also be an inner criticism of your lifestyle. Are you eating badly or consuming things you know aren’t good for you and “poisoning” your body ?

Dream about a Caterpillar Coming out of My Skin

The skin is our barrier against the outside world.

Remember, caterpillars often represent a struggle towards a better version of yourself. It’s possible you’re putting up barriers (a skin) in opposition to the actions you need to take in order to make progress.

Your unconscious mind is possibly telling you to let your desire for personal expansion come forth.

Dreams about Blue / Black / Green Caterpillars

Colors have some wonderful but complex meanings in dream language. All of the normal symbolic meanings of caterpillars should be connected to the color to try and determine the underlying dream message.

Blue is a cool color often related to peace and calm. It also represents open spaces, and consequently, imagination and intellect. For this reason dream analysts often compare the color blue to the conscious mind and spiritual development.

To see a blue caterpillar in a dream could represent personal progress in an intellectual or spiritual domain.

The color black in dreams is often associated with death and sadness, but also a hidden facet of the dreamer’s psyche (a part of yourself hidden in the darkness).

Dreaming of a black caterpillar might be connected to the sadness of letting ideas for personal growth die, or the desire for hidden aspects of your personality to be revealed and cultivated.

Green is associated with nature, rebirth and growth (think of flourishing green vegetation).

A green caterpillar appearing in a dream could be a positive reflection on your personal growth in waking life.

Caterpillar Spiritual Meaning

Caterpillars are a good spiritual omen, representing change for the better. The caterpillar spirit animal represents faith and the opportunity for positive transformation.


What I like most about caterpillars is the way they symbolize how we can radically transform our minds and spirit.

For the most part they are a helpful example in your dreams.

Just like a butterfly, it probably means the best is yet to come!

To improve dream interpretation, ask yourself questions like “did the caterpillar experience any changes or growth throughout the dream”?

Think about your general attitude towards caterpillars and use your common sense when interpreting a dream. Remember your own personal metaphors and interpretations are not the same as everyone else’s.

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