A Dream About Someone You Don’t Talk To Anymore

dream about someone you don't talk to anymore

Have you ever had a relative or long-lost friend you never speak to anymore turn up in your dream and wondered what your subconscious was trying to say to you? 

I recently dreamed of an old school friend with whom I had a falling out many years ago and decided to find out what that meant.

Dreaming of Someone You Don’t Talk to Anymore

Dreams are symbols and metaphors for other things going on in our lives and relationships. It could even be a way for your subconscious to reflect an aspect of your personality. The person in your dream highlights some part of you or your life that you need to consider

Sometimes dreams dredge up people you have completely forgotten about from your past (see what it means to dream about someone). And I’m sure many of us have had romantic dreams where we kiss someone we barely talk to in real life. 

It can feel somewhat strange to suddenly start dreaming about someone you haven’t spoken to in years, even decades!

When we have these dreams, many first assume that our mind is encouraging us to contact them again. However, when you dream of an old acquaintance or kid you went to grade school with, it’s unlikely that your brain is trying to convince you to call them up out of the blue!

Dreams are highly personal, and learning to interpret meaning from your particular dream symbolism is essential because there’s no ‘one size fits all’ meaning.

What Does it Mean When You Dream of Someone You Don’t Talk To Anymore

It’s not unusual to have dreams where you talk to someone you no longer have contact with. Your subconscious is using that person as a metaphor to help you see places in your life that need attention or unresolved issues you need to deal with.

When you dream of someone who you no longer talk to, pay attention to the kind of person they are in the dream and how they are behaving. These things are vital to helping you get to the root of the message.

The person in your dream is more about you than them. Even if you’re dreaming about an ex, it’s usually your subconscious showing you something you need to deal with in yourself.

  • Are you arguing with a family member you don’t talk to anymore? Maybe you need to be more independent of your family and focus on your needs outside family relationships.
  • Dreaming of an old neighborhood kid you last saw when you were eleven? Think about the qualities that person represents and their actions. Are they things you need to apply in your own life?
  • Is the person apologizing to you for what they did? Perhaps it’s time to let things go, heal yourself, and move on with your life.
  • Do you intensely dislike the person in your dream? You could be projecting and recognizing a negative aspect of yourself that you need to work on.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Someone Who is Gone?

a dream of someone who is gone

The person in the dream stands for something happening in your current life. They point towards a lack or worry you are facing over what’s happening in the present day.

What if you’re dreaming of someone who is now deceased, such as a beloved friend or grandparent? It might be a sign of feeling anxious about loss or separation anxiety.

Consider what feelings of loss, anxiety, or separation you are dealing with in your life at this moment.

  • Are you feeling grief that you haven’t allowed yourself to process? This could be grief from a breakup, a divorce, or losing something important to you.
  • Are you avoiding an important upcoming event? Your dream could tell you to focus on that thing, so it stops stressing you out.
  • Is your life unbalanced? Maybe you’re focusing too much on work and extracurricular activities, and your loved ones feel neglected.
  • Did your loved one offer good guidance? Perhaps your mind wants you to think about how they would approach the situation you’re in and what their advice would be.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Someone You Know But Don’t Talk To

What if you’re dreaming about someone you know, an acquaintance at work, or a guy you always see on the bus, but whom you never actually talk to?

Your brain may be preparing you for a future conversation, allowing you to run through scenarios you may be worried about. In the case of someone you like, again, your dreams may be helping you prepare ways to engage with them.

In 1978, Eric Klinger discussed how the brain uses dreams as a rehearsal space for ‘the stream of consciousness’, a concept which supports this reading.

Sometimes we dream about celebrities or people we know only by sight, and these dreams can get pretty intense or intimate.

Usually, there is something about that person that you identify with, and perhaps you want to find a way to embody that quality in yourself. Think about what attractive qualities that person represents to you.

Something about this person appeals to your subconscious, and perhaps your mind is prodding you to behave differently or focus on developing an aspect of yourself. Are they independent, kind, thoughtful, or well-read? Consider trying to bring those qualities into your waking life.

Dream About Kissing Someone You Don’t Talk To Anymore

dream about kissing someone you don't talk to anymore

Dreams guide us to conflicts or issues that our waking mind is perhaps not ready to face. Suppose the person is in a relationship with you in your dream. In that case, it may be trying to turn your attention toward a personal issue you have.

Perhaps there’s something about your current relationship that you need to process.

If you dream about kissing your ex, this is unlikely to mean you must rush off to rekindle that old romance. Perhaps your mind is seeking closure. It’s incredibly normal to have dreams where you talk to or kiss someone with whom you once had an intimate relationship.

That person played a significant role in your life, and how you parted ways could affect you today. Your mind could be trying to get you to confront something about yourself and how you relate that to your ex.

  • Did they bring out the worst in you?
  • Do you feel you lost part of yourself to them?
  • Do you feel guilt and need to heal and forgive yourself?


Dreaming about a person you no longer talk to is perfectly normal. It doesn’t matter whether they were distant acquaintances, people you loathed, loved, or had complicated feelings about. Usually, the dream uses them as symbols for things you need to deal with in your life.

Consider what that person represents, and if there’s a change you need to make. Perhaps there’s something you’ve been avoiding, or you’re behaving in a way that’s detrimental to you.

Your dream is you having a conversation with yourself as your subconscious tries to guide you to better choices or helps you heal from traumas.

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