What Does it Really Mean to Dream About Poop

poop dreams

This is embarrassing!

Talking about dreams of poop isn’t an easy topic. But I’ve seen so many questions about this, I figure it’s worth clearing up people’s curiosity.

Despite what you might think, excrement in dreams is a pretty common theme. When we dream, the emotional parts of our brain are 30% more active than when we’re awake! This might explain why repressed ideas like “poop” appear in an unfettered way in our dreams.

Whatever the meaning, our dreams contain many valuable insights which can positively influence our daily lives.

Below you’ll find some useful tips to help you find the real interpretation.

Let’s get started..

What Does it Mean When you Dream about Poop

A poop dream generally represents the need to cleanse yourself of negative emotions or outdated thinking. Excrement is a symbol for something we must be rid of like emotional waste.

Also, you shouldn’t underestimate the correlation with “manure”, whose fertilizing properties encourage growth. This could indicate things like a fresh start, rebirth, or a clean slate.

Poop Dream Interpretation:

The manner in which poop appears in your dream has a direct impact on the dream interpretation.

Think about the context of your dream. What are the events surrounding the appearance of feces in the dream?

In particular, what emotions did the dream evoke?

It’s not uncommon for suppressed emotions to show up in dreams. We consciously avoid talking about subjects we consider shameful (like feces). The vision of fecal matter in a dream could be a way for your unconscious mind to make you aware of negative feelings.

Note: psychological studies show that people who suppress their waking thoughts dream more about their negative waking life experiences.

But remember…

The things you see in a dream are just a metaphor for something else.

It’s not about the poop!

Dream language uses symbolic images to represent other ideas, as a way to communicate your inner feelings. Understanding the meaning of a dream could lead to a better emotional balance in daily life.

Here are a few common dream situations involving pooping:

Dream about Animal or Human Poop

I think we closely associate human excrement with our own internal needs, whereas animal feces is viewed as manure. This distinction can help understand the true meaning of a “poop dream”.

On the one hand (human feces) a repressed need for self-expression or on the other hand (animal poop) an opportunity for growth.

Dream of diarrhea:

Dreams involving diarrhea could be symbolic of internal conflicts. In a similar way that diarrhea is a sign of some kind of disorder, a dream like this could represent distress in waking life.

Dream About Cleaning Poop

Dreaming of cleaning up poop suggests a need to clean up your attitude towards others in your life. It can also mean the need to atone or repair a negative action in waking life.

Cleaning dreams in general means a desire for inner cleansing.

Do you have some negative emotions which need to be washed away?

Pay attention to how energetically you were cleaning the feces in the dream. This could be symbolic of how urgent it is for you to deal with an issue.

For Freud, the brown color of excrement indicates an obsessive character, with a compulsion for order, but could also signify a desire for creative freedom.

Dream of Flushing Poop Down the Toilet

A dream about flushing poop down the toilet symbolizes getting rid of something about yourself which you find offensive, or just clearing your mind of a feeling which you consider unimportant.

If the waste matter won’t flush or the toilet is blocked, this is a sign that you feel the need to purge yourself of something, but that you are “emotionally constipated”.

Dream About Poop on the Floor

As a general rule, floors symbolize the separation between consciousness and the subconscious. Cleaning poop on the floor could represent a yearning to connect with the subconscious, so that you can cleanse unhappy feelings.

For Carl Jung, the interior of a house represents the inner self, and the various floors represent various levels of consciousness. Upper floors represent our normal conscious mind, and the lower you go, the deeper the level of your subconscious. Our psyche includes elements of both the conscious and unconscious mind, and together they shape our perceptions of the world.

​(Read Jung’s most insightful contributions to the study of dreams in this book on Amazon).

The level of the floor in a dream could represent the level at which you are experiencing an emotional issue.

For example if you see yourself cleaning poop on the floor of a basement, this could represent a deeper underlying issue such as the need to rid yourself of a destructive influence from the past.

Dreaming of Pooping in Public Meaning

dream about pooping in public

This could mean you have been rash or reckless in the way you have expressed your opinions in front of others. Dreams of bowl movements in public symbolize exposing ideas that are not suitable for expressing in the public domain.

If you have a vision like this where you are defecating in public, or in a strange place, this could be a way for your dreaming mind to warn you about the consequences of expressing shocking ideas.

Have you upset someone with your opinions recently? Or have you done something morally wrong to someone?

What Does it Mean When You Dream about Pooping Your Pants?

Generally speaking, when you poop your pants in a dream your unconscious is referring to getting rid of emotional waste. But not finding a bathroom in time could signify a lack of opportunity in waking life for true self expression.

Elimination in dreams symbolizes release and letting go. Sometimes you need a proper opportunity for expressing your emotions. The symbolism of a dream like this could be saying you lack the proper environment to express yourself fully, or to expand your creativity.

Is there something in your waking life you need to flush from your mind?

Is there something you have always wanted to do?

Perhaps you need to free yourself from responsibilities and find a way to become uninhibited.

What Does it Mean When You Dream of Being Covered in Feces?

Broadly speaking, to dream of being covered in poop represents a fear of public humiliation and being emotionally overwhelmed by an event in real life.

Do you have a public obligation in the near future which is making you overly anxious? Or a deadline that you just can’t miss without feeling ridiculed in front of colleagues?

Things like this always seem worse in your imagination than they are in reality. Try to get a better perspective on your situation.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

think differently

Dream About Poop in Your Mouth

A dream involving your mouth is a powerful dream symbol that you need to communicate something which is disturbing or distressing in everyday life.

It could also be a sign that you are taking in, or need to take in, to make progress with your personal development.

Touching Feces in a Dream Meaning

Playing with fecal matter in a dream is often associated with money. Depending on your situation this might refer to financial anxiety or positive feelings about money.

This might indicate a preoccupation with your financial situation. Or it could be indicative of a materialistic personality.

For Freud, money was symbolic of excrement, and consequently, it was a sign of some kind of fixation, or an obstinate personality, preoccupied with unimportant things.

What does it mean to dream of someone throwing feces at you?

To dream of someone throwing poop at you could mean you are overwhelmed by responsibilities in real life, possibly imposed by someone else, and probably something that you resent.

Are you being exploited, overburdened or taken advantage of in some way by someone in real life?

A dream image like this suggests humiliation. In a day to day setting something like this would provoke a strong emotional response.

Maybe you’re holding your feelings inside about a duty or obligation in your daily existence?

Your dream mind is suggesting you find a way to express what you need to regain a state of emotional balance.

What Does Poop Symbolize in Dreams

Traditionally, dreaming about feces is considered a good omen and that you’ll be financially lucky! This is especially the case if you dream of walking in dog poop.

I believe this notion stems from the idea of spreading manure, which symbolizes that through working hard you will become profitable.

So go ahead!

Put your foot in it!


On a final note, to dream of an urge to visit the bathroom could be exactly that!

A physical need to go to the toilet during the night.


Sometimes the obvious answer is the right one.


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