Hearing Someone Talk In Your Dream (Here’s What It Means!)

hearing someone talk in your dreams

Hearing Someone Talk In Your Dream (Here’s What It Means!)

It’s not unusual to have dreams where you hear people talking to you. Sometimes the conversation is clear, but other times people may speak to you in languages you don’t even know! 

And have you ever had a loved one or perhaps a deceased family member talk to you in one of your dreams? 

You’re not alone 🙂

Auditory dreams, rather than visual ones, are usually signs you need to concentrate on what you’re being told.

So Does It Mean To Hear Someone Talk in Your Dream?

Our subconscious uses people talking in a dream to get our attention. People may whisper to you, shout instructions, or even narrate what is happening in your imagination. Our brain wants us to listen to the message, and we need to pay attention to who is speaking, the words, the tone, and our emotional reactions.

Sometimes these voices may be the voices of strangers, but sometimes they are recognizable, such as the voices of loved ones. They may even be the voices of those who have passed.

You’re probably wondering what each of these signifies. Firstly, you should remember that the voices we hear in our dreams are a facet of our personality. 

Sometimes that voice is one of an authority figure, an angel, or our understanding of God. 

  • This is generally a sign that wisdom is being imparted, and we should pay attention.
  • We know something subconsciously, but our conscious mind is not yet ready to accept that intuition or insight.

As Carl Jung says, “Dreams are as simple or complicated as the dreamer is himself, only they are a little bit ahead of the dreamer’s consciousness.” Our inner conscience is very clever! 

Can You Hear People Talk in Dreams?

You’ve likely heard people talking in dreams, which is why you’re interested in the subject. Still, there have been studies on the auditory component of dreams, which indicate that sounds in dreams are more common than you might expect. 

  • Some of these sounds were more like thoughts than spoken words or conversations.
  • Sometimes it was the dreamer himself speaking.
  • In other cases, the talking came from other characters in the dream.
  • In third place were different sounds like music in dreams, or screaming, or laughter.

Studies in auditory dreaming show that hearing other people talking in your dream is one of the most common forms of sound. 

So, no… You’re not going bonkers! 

Sounds in dreams are actually more common than many people think. Most of us remember dreams that have visual content. But studies have found that over 80% of dreams could include other people talking, and in around 60%, you may hear yourself speaking.

prevalence of sounds in dreams

Is Hearing Voices in a Dream Normal?

While hearing voices in a dream is clearly normal and common enough to occur in around 80% of dreams, you may worry if you hear voices just as you fall asleep.

These are known as hypnagogic hallucinations. While such ‘sleep hallucinations’ are more likely to be visual, they also take the form of sounds, such as hearing someone calling your name.

Hypnagogic hallucinations also include seeing, feeling, or smelling something as well as sounds. Most of these visions are visual in nature, but about 35% contain sounds, such as voices.

This is not a sign that you have a mental illness! These auditory sleep hallucinations are more likely to indicate issues such as insufficient sleep, insomnia, or narcolepsy.

Sometimes sounds outside our dream can filter their way into our sleeping minds. For example, if someone is talking outside your window, this could transfer into your dream. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who has dreamed of some terrifying or confusing noise, only to realize my alarm has gone off!

What Does it Mean When Someone Whispers to You in a Dream?

We’ve seen that hearing voices in dreams is usually a sign that you must pay attention to something. This is highlighted by dreams where people are whispering to you.

Whispers in dreams could symbolize misunderstandings, and you need to pay closer attention to people in your life. Remember that dreams are trying to show you something that you have missed in your waking life or that you are trying to repress or purposefully ignore.

Sometimes you will hear sounds like nonsense or gibberish. This can signify that you are repressing some emotion, such as rage, and need to pay attention and deal with the root cause. Think of what emotion you were feeling as you heard this babbling—is your mind trying to focus you in a particular direction?

Hearing a Woman’s Voice in a Dream

Male and female voices may have different connotations, depending on our unique mindscape. For many of us, however, a woman’s voice in our dream indicates the subconscious communicating with us.

In some dream theories, it’s believed that we hear our subconscious voice speaking in the opposite gender to our own.

The voices of strangers may indicate that your mind is warning you about something.

  • Is the voice shouting at you in your dream and trying to get your attention?
  • Is someone cheering you on, indicating that you have made a good choice?
  • Is someone calling for help, perhaps from a great distance? This could show that you know someone who is suffering or in distress.

Hearing a Loved One’s Voice in a Dream

We occasionally hear our loved ones talking instead of hearing strangers or unidentified voices. Remember that the tone of what they’re saying may be more important than the words, as this will indicate our emotional needs or fears.

If they are friends you haven’t spoken with in a long time, this could indicate you’ve been neglecting them, and it’s time to get in touch.

Are they having a conversation with you? Your mind is trying to find a way to tell you something. Your subconscious can use a familiar voice that signifies an aspect of your personality to get your attention.

  • What are they telling you, and does this point toward something you are dealing with in your waking life?
  • What tone are they using, and what emotion does this evoke?
  • Are they laughing at you or trying to trick you? Perhaps you’re making a mistake in real life.
  • Is it someone who usually gives you good, wise advice?

It can also be helpful to think about what the person talking represents for you. For example, do they have qualities or characteristics that you admire? Again, your inner mind could be telling you this is a characteristic you need to pay attention to in waking life.

Hearing a Deceased Loved One’s Voice in a Dream

When you hear the voice of a deceased loved one, it’s time to really focus on what truth they are communicating with you. Your mind wants you to get this message.

Who the message comes from is essential, as your mind is using them as a symbol. So, for example, if your beloved granny, who always gave you the best advice, is telling you something, your mind likely wants you to heed what they say.

Hearing Your Dead Mother’s Voice in a Dream

For many of us, our mother was the most important person in our life—the one who handled the day-to-day job of raising, caring for, and comforting us. Losing a mother can be a huge emotional blow, especially if they were someone we turned to when we were down and needed support.

Hearing your dead mother’s voice in a dream can mean you miss her intensely. Especially if the loss is recent, she is on your mind, both in your conscious thoughts and subconscious. It is not unusual to dream of her talking to you in such a case.

  • These conversations can be part of the grieving process.
  • You could be in denial over her death, dreaming that she is alive and talking to you.
  • This can symbolize unresolved feelings, especially if your mind repeatedly shows you the same event.

When analyzing your mother’s voice in a dream, think about how you are responding to what she is saying.

  • Do you wish she was there to comfort you or guide you?
  • Are you about to do something that she would protect you from?

Hearing your Dead Father talking in a Dream

Alternatively, what does it mean when your deceased father is speaking? Again, as with a recent loss, this could be your subconscious processing your grief.

Hearing your father could also be a warning. Fathers can symbolize authority or support. Your relationship with your father will determine how your mind will use him to guide you.

There are some voices we will always pay more attention to because they hold a special meaning in our psyche. Your mind uses these voices to reveal a truth we might not want to face.

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