Dream Of A Broken Elevator (How To Interpret!)

dream of a broken elevator

Elevators in dreams are usually a sign that we’re moving toward a goal in our life. 

However, the building where the elevator is located is essential. It will offer a clue as to which aspect of our life the dream draws our attention to. 

But what if you’re dreaming about an elevator that’s stuck or broken?

Broken elevators usually indicate that something in your life needs to change so you can progress.

Or maybe you need to do something different!

Dreams can also be a way for us to process events that recently happened to us. By dreaming, we allow our subconscious to work through our memories and draw connections that are not obvious to our conscious. 

Our psyche uses these symbols to highlight things we might be avoiding.

It’s worth finding out what these symbols mean…

What Is The Meaning Of A Broken Elevator Dream?

Elevators often represent our mental processes, our thoughts, and how we handle information from our waking life. For example, the movement of an elevator can suggest which way our thoughts are moving.

We may need to:

  • go upward to understand ourselves better 
  • or go down deep to explore the hidden things in our subconscious

When that elevator is broken, it shows a blockage in our self-understanding and could point toward what is holding us back.

You Feel Like You Aren’t Making Progress

The broken elevator can be a frustrating image.

Instead of rising to a new challenge, you are stuck in one place. Pressing buttons doesn’t do anything, and your actions feel futile.

You may have begun learning something new or taken up a hobby or sport. But, unfortunately, it can often feel like your progress has leveled out and you aren’t improving, no matter how much work you put in. 

This just means you need time to assimilate your new skills before seeing movement again.

You Feel Prevented from Rising in Your Career

You may have worked at your job for a long time without any resulting career progression. 

This feeling particularly applies if you dream you are in an office or work building where your elevator is stuck.

This stuck elevator can be frustrating, and you may be losing faith in your ability to do your job correctly. In addition, sometimes elevators in dreams can behave strangely, such as going sideways. In such cases, you could feel shunted into the wrong job instead of progressing according to your abilities.

You Are Feeling Insecure

Generally, any malfunction in your dream can indicate a faltering in your self-belief. If the elevator is your capacity for thought and how you process the world, the stuck elevator may show that you have lost faith in yourself.

You may feel as though you need to be up to the tasks and demands in your life and feel inadequate. This dream can show a state of despair in your current situation.

Work on your self-belief. Try achieving a series of small goals. This will improve self-esteem over time.

You Are Trapped by Your Behavior

Escaping and resuming your journey is impossible when stuck in a broken dream elevator. Your behavior in the waking world may have fallen into a pattern, preventing you from moving on (You’re stuck in a rut).

Perhaps you’re repeating old mistakes in new relationships, and that’s why they keep ending.

This dream can be a sign it’s time to look at bad habits or harmful patterns in your life that are hampering your ability to change and grow. 

You are doing something in your waking life that is preventing you from reaching your potential.

You Feel Emotionally Stunted

Change and new experiences can help us grow emotionally. Still, when your dream is of a blocked elevator, this might point to your need to allow yourself to feel emotions that scare you. For example, you may have lost contact with someone close to you and are scared to reach out again.

An alternate reading could mean that your emotions are repressed and bottled up, and you need to let things go before you can move again.

You Are Conflicted

The elevator in your dream takes you to a goal or aspiration, but you are still determining if you want it. Therefore, this reading could be critically related to your job.

You may be rising to a new level and are due to be promoted. However, that promotion will also give you more responsibilities and longer hours.

The stuck elevator could remind you that your outward goals can sometimes conflict with your true desires

It’s time to rethink your aspirations and decide if pursuing them is worth it.

What Do Broken Things Mean In Dreams

When we dream of broken things, we often use that to see a broken part of ourselves. The symbol your psyche uses to represent this may be a universal one, or it may be deeply personal.

Some images have ordinary social and cultural meanings.

For example, a clock usually represents time, and a broken clock could suggest we are not using our time well or are stuck in the past.

Dreams are also products of things stressing us in the waking world. The dream can focus on specific items from our waking life that our subconscious fixates on or traumas we must learn to overcome.

Broken things in dreams may mean you feel vulnerable. You might not be able to handle the extra stress and need help, or you may want to be alone and not influenced by others.

Dream interpretation is, therefore, incredibly personal, as none of us share the same events, memories, and private landscape. Therefore, when analyzing broken things in your dreams, you should consider how these items relate to your life and current events.

Dream Interpretation Of An Elevator Arriving At The Wrong Floor

dream of an elevator arriving at the wrong floor

In dreams, buildings can represent the self or aspects of our lives. For this reason, the type of building can be of great significance. For example, an office building could represent your occupation, and a school your desire to learn new things.

The floors in a building could also be of significance. In a dream of a house, the basement may represent your suppressed desires or secret guilts. At the same time, a lofty attic filled with books could show your intellectual curiosity.

When an elevator takes you to the wrong floor, your psyche may suggest that parts of yourself don’t agree! 

You can only go where you want to go if you first deal with the problem on that ‘floor.’

Dream Of An Elevator Going Up Too Fast

An elevator going up too fast in a dream could signal that things are moving too fast in your life. Perhaps you are rushing to snap judgments or taking on more than you can handle.

Sometimes in life, we make the most progress when we take things slower and give our minds and bodies rest. Especially with learning, you can review what you learned so that it sinks in, and you can build on sound foundations.

Elevators as dream symbols often represent the mind and intellect but can also represent aspirations. For example, a dream like this could symbolize you may be quickly climbing the ladder to success and need to slow down to prevent burnout.

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