Dream About Train Tracks (Are You On The Right Path?)

dream about train tracks

If you had a dream about train tracks, you’re probably wondering what they might mean? 

Train tracks can have multiple meanings, and the nuance you draw from your interpretation will depend on other details. 

But I’ll help you figure out your own personal version of this dream.

Generally speaking, train tracks represent paths we are on or will take.

Trains and tracks are engineered and move you from one place to another; in this sense, they can symbolize a journey from one life stage to the next

Or represent a lack of control!

Because they are used by the public, train tracks can also indicate societal goals or expectations.

To see how interpretations apply to your dream, let’s look at a few scenarios and what they mean…

What Does It Mean To Dream About Train Tracks?

Train tracks can symbolize order and structure in a dream and a set path taking you into the future. But like all good things, there can be a flip side to that reading. Sometimes the rigid iron tracks represent a feeling that our life is ordered out for us and that we have no control.

We might feel that if we try to get off the prescribed rails, the train (and our lives) will end up wrecked. This fear can lead you to feel helpless and trapped.

Remembering your emotional state during a dream is important because it holds the key to an accurate meaning. For example, feeling frustrated or bored could indicate that the train tracks represent the mundane and that you cannot deviate from your path.

You might act and think like everyone around you to conform and succeed

Your path seems set, but it’s not what you want!

On the other hand, knowing that your future is clear and the track easy to follow can make you feel safe and secure that you’re doing the right thing.

Railway tracks can also represent a longing for the future, that you want to get moving and begin your journey to a new stage of your life

Sigmund Freud’s dream theory explained that our dreams show what we secretly desire. They can also reflect what happened to you in the past day.

Dream About Walking On Train Tracks

dream about walking on train tracks

Walking on train tracks is a bad idea as in real life. This action in your dreams warns of potential dangers. You are following a path but doing it in such a way as to put yourself, your career, or your mental health in danger. 

You can’t see the threat, but it’s out there.

Train tracks in a dream can also hint at desires you keep hidden from others. However, walking on the track shows that these things you suppress have the potential to ruin you.

Since train tracks can also represent a path to your future, walking on them may indicate that you follow the route in your own way.

Consider the state of the tracks in the dream—a busy, obviously used railway track might mean danger. Still, if the track is long abandoned, this could symbolize adventure and self-discovery.

Dream About Walking Train Tracks With Best Friend

While walking along the tracks can also symbolize that you are completing the actions needed to reach your goal, what does it mean if a friend joins you? It could mean that your best friend is in your mind because you’ve seen them recently, but the friend can also represent an aspect of your personality.

Friends and other characters in a dream can also reflect the needs you wish were fulfilled. For example, if your friend is someone caring, you might be longing for more support and kindness around you as you go through life.

If the tracks represent your journey in life, the people walking with you in a dream are incredibly important symbols. It can help to write down a list of what your best friend means to you to help you understand what they symbolize in your dream.

Dream Of Being Stuck On Train Tracks

Dreaming of being stuck on the tracks could mean you’re on a path you shouldn’t be. Your psyche is warning you, but it could also suggest you feel incapable of dealing with what is coming.

Since train tracks often represent your life’s course, being stuck on train tracks might seem like a warning.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or uncertain, it can feel like you’re stuck in your waking life, unable to move forward. This emotional state is mirrored in your dream, where you can no longer keep moving forward with the track you’re currently on.

Maybe it’s an idea to look at what things in your life are blocking you or what is standing in the way of things going smoothly. Something or someone may be a problem, such as a co-worker on a project who has stalled progress at work.

Crossing Train Tracks Dream Meaning

Crossing a train track in your dream could indicate that you are doing something unexpected or taking a shortcut to reach your goals. This could pay off or be dangerous, so take notice of the emotions you felt in the dream.

  • Did you feel excited by the prospect?
  • Was it safe, or was there an oncoming train you had to run to avoid?
  • Was there a barrier in your way, or was it a safe place to cross?

Sometimes train tracks represent the goals that others have for you in your life rather than your own objectives. In this case, crossing the tracks could be your subconscious prompting you to begin thinking, acting for yourself, and taking control of your decisions.

Dream About Riding A Bike On Train Tracks

Bikes in dreams can remind you of your passions and the things that interest you the most. When riding a bicycle down train tracks, you are following the course of your life while keeping true to yourself.

Unlike many other modes of transportation like cars, trains, or buses, you are not only in control of the direction you go, but you also power your bike with your energy. You are the one ultimately in control of not only the destination but how you get there.

Riding on the tracks in your dream shows that you are following your societal role, going on the path given to you, but you can leave at any time because you are in control of where the bike goes.

Bicycles also symbolize balance and skill, showing that you have worked at something to achieve it and that your life feels balanced, even when the path is uneven and bumpy.

On the other hand, if you struggle to ride a bike, this could indicate that you are at odds with who you want to be and your path.

It’s time to think about what you want from life and how you plan to achieve it.

Dream Of Driving On Train Tracks

While train tracks and trains represent collective journeys, your role, and your path in society, cars are a far more personal symbol. In many dreams, cars are a symbol of the self and reflect aspects of our subconscious.

The type of car and its condition can show us a part of ourselves we perhaps don’t want to face in the waking world. 

For example, a rusted, beat-up jalopy could mean you should take better care of your body. At the same time, a flashy sports car could indicate you are shallow and preoccupied with looks and money.

The path we’re on is controlled by others, but how we present ourselves to the world and who we are, is still our choice. This dream encourages you to look at yourself and consider what you prioritize and how you come across to others on your journey.

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