Dream Of A Blood Moon (Is Your Mind Trying to Warn You?)

dream of a blood moon

Have you ever dreamed of a full red moon and wondered what it meant? It might seem spooky and ominous, but a blood moon does not necessarily signify danger. 

As with all dream symbols, the most important thing to note is your emotions during the dream to help you understand the meaning.

Moons are often symbols of mystery, the feminine, the creative, and the divine, so bear these cultural motifs in mind. 

Usually, when we dream of moons, there can be a mystical or spiritual component to the meaning. The color red also has powerful emotional connections.

Let’s interpret your dream…

What Does It Mean To Dream About A Blood Moon?

Blood moons in dreams can be warnings of change. In ancient times blood moons were considered harbingers of the apocalypse. Still, more modern interpretations can include the end of a completed journey. Change can be positive; even if the transition is difficult, it can result in good things.

A red moon, also known as a blood moon, can be caused by a lunar eclipse. So we also need to consider the interpretations of lunar eclipses.

Blood moons tend to be full and red, and both these elements also hold meaning:

  • A full moon rather than a sickle moon suggests completion or the end of a period of growth.
  • The color red signifies passion—love, rage, or even impulsiveness. Consider your associations with the color red and how it made you feel in the dream.

Dreams are often triggered by recent events or emotions and situations at the forefront of your mind. They can be a way for your subconscious to highlight something that is bothering you or simply be a way for you to sort through your emotions and reactions.

In this sense, there is no one way of interpreting a dream, as it is affected by your emotional landscape, cultural motifs, and the events that have happened to you personally.

However, some common cultural meanings can give us recurring themes in dreams. So let’s look at some generally accepted interpretations of a blood moon and see how they may relate to your present circumstances.

You Are Surrounded by Strife

Blood moons may warn about emotional troubles you are experiencing, like family disputes, or they could symbolize more significant conflict, such as wars or community upheaval.

Suppose you are fighting with friends, coworkers, or family or are at the center of a struggle. In that case, these events can cause a lot of emotional fallout. 

Even being on the fringes of such uncomfortable events can affect your mood.

Something is Overshadowing Part of You

blood moon and lunar eclipse dreams

Another way to interpret a blood moon is as a lunar eclipse. This is because something or someone in your life is overshadowing the aspect of your personality that is creative, feminine, or spiritual.

It can even come from your actions—a desire to suppress that part of yourself because it scares or threatens you. If you have repressed an aspect of yourself, this dream might be a subtle reminder to let those hidden parts shine again.

A Relationship is Ending

A full moon often symbolizes the final stage of something, and red—the color of passion—can indicate romance or lust

Obviously, all interpretations will depend on the emotions these symbols elicited in the dream. Still, a blood moon can warn that a relationship is drawing close.

This does not necessarily have to be a negative reading

Sometimes relationships have run their course, and the best thing for both parties is to move on to a new stage of life.

The moon’s fullness suggests that the relationship had passed through all the parts of its journey and must make way for a new moon to rise. 

It can also indicate the end of an emotionally charged situation or issue that has taken up much of your emotional bandwidth.

You Will Soon Face Hardship

A blood moon can be a warning that some kind of difficulty will soon be headed your way. Fear and other powerful emotions affect our dreams strongly, and our subconscious may have picked up subtle signs that our conscious mind has ignored.

In many ancient prophecies, a blood moon symbolized terrible things coming, such as in biblical quotes where the moon is turned to blood. 

As part of our collective cultural symbols, a blood moon can be an image our psyche uses to warn us that we are facing future strife.

You May Have Recently Seen a Blood Moon

Not all dreams are portents or symbols. Sometimes we dream of things we have recently seen. For example, blood moons are beautiful and magical to behold. If you were fortunate enough to see one recently, the image might be lodged in your unconscious.

Your dreaming brain may simply be sifting through the last few days and snagging on particularly stirring or unusual happenings.

Especially if the event was linked to something negative, you might experience a ‘dream lag’ of a few days as your brain processes these emotions and events and tries to spin them more positively.

It’s Time For Self-Reflection

If you associate yourself with the moon and its feminine, creative, and spiritual connotations, then a blood moon could mean it’s time for you to take a deeper look at yourself.

Sometimes we may feel we are behaving in a certain way, but our actions actually go against our beliefs. Especially if something you’ve said or done has triggered many adverse reactions in friends and family, it might be time to take a long, hard look at how your actions and words represent you.

We sometimes cling to outmoded beliefs because we feel strongly about them. But a full red moon could show those beliefs no longer serve us. We may need to reconsider and allow ourselves the grace to change.

Red Moon Dream Meaning

A dream of a full red moon can signal upcoming change. However, the color red can hold different meanings, depending on the context of the dream and what emotions you experience. 

For example, fear and rage are powerful dream motivators; you should note all your feelings when seeing this red moon.

Negative emotions could indicate that the upcoming change scares you or could create a lot of unwanted drama. 

For example, seeing two red moons can show the impending conflict between two people, perhaps a couple. This might show trouble in your relationship—especially if one moon is much larger than the other, indicating an imbalance of power or respect.

If the full red moon is huge and close, this could indicate that the event or change is coming very soon or that the person involved is close to you

Conversely, a distant red moon can warn of things happening sometime in the future.

The closer and larger a symbol appears, the more likely it is that your subconscious is trying to get you to focus on that message—it’s something important or could have long-ranging effects if you ignore it.

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