Dream Of Being Pulled By An Invisible Force (Message Revealed!)

dream of being pulled by invisible force

Whether we believe in the divine or the paranormal, the idea of invisible forces around us isn’t new. But when we dream of being pulled by an invisible force, the act can be frightening and may leave us wondering what it means.

While the sensation of being unable to see who or what is manipulating you physically is one part of this dream, the action relates strongly to ideas of control. 

And, since dreams represent what we feel about our waking lives, this could hint that we’re feeling like we don’t know what’s happening around us or can’t do anything to stop what’s happening to us. 

A dream like this can be pretty scary.

But some dreams about unseen forces can be uplifting, and even the scary ones can lead to a positive outcome if you spend time trying to understand what your subconscious is telling you.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of An Unseen Force Pulling You?

Invisible forces represent situations or people in your life that you can’t control and who are forcing you to do things you don’t want to do or holding you back from living the life you want to live. Unseen forces attacking you can represent expectations or demands on you.

Dreams About Invisible Forces

Having dreams about forces acting on you that you can’t see reflects feelings of frustration or echo that you feel out of control

For example, if something is pulling, pushing, attacking, or picking you up, but you can’t identify what it is or do anything to stop it, it could indicate that you feel your life is not your own and you are being controlled or manipulated.

One of the most critical steps to understanding what such a dream could mean is to think about your life as it is currently

  • Do you feel that everything is out of your control and that life is just rushing you? 
  • Perhaps you feel like someone else is making all the decisions and dictating what you must do?

The dream feels like it’s not just against your own life goals but against your will.

Invisible forces could symbolize people or situations in your life that you feel have consumed you. 

It could represent your work or career that you think is taking over your life or even a relationship you can’t escape. Sometimes, it could even reflect the society that you feel has control over your present and future.

Another possibility, however, is less pessimistic. 

If the force acting on you isn’t harming you, it could represent a protective entity or guardian helping you when you can’t help yourself. 

Whether connotations to this are spiritually in line with your beliefs or not, it could indicate that you either wish to receive divine help or are being divinely blessed and protected. 

Dream Of Being Attacked By An Invisible Force

Naturally, an attack is terrifying and damaging, so when you dream of being attacked by something unseen, you will likely be afraid. But, is your real life possibly resembling this scenario, and you feel attacked for unknown reasons? For example, are you feeling:

  • persecuted or unfairly treated in your job,
  • in a relationship, 
  • Or even among your friends and family?

Another possibility is that you feel downtrodden by life and the hand you’ve been dealt and powerless to change it

Dreams like this likely pick up on your frustration and hopelessness if you’re in a situation where you feel that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get a break. 

You’re not alone ๐Ÿ™‚

For some, dreams such as these represent a warning that someone is out to get you or that you should watch your back

While this isn’t a given and shouldn’t send you into mistrust of those around you, time spent evaluating relationships and the role people play in your life is never a bad thing. 

For those benefiting from you without adding value to your life, it’s time for some stronger boundaries.

Dreams Of Being Held Down By An Invisible Force

 Being held down by something speaks about being prevented from going somewhere or doing something, so this may reflect on a situation in your waking life where there are challenges and obstacles ahead of you stopping you from reaching your goals.

Like being attacked, being held down leaves you feeling powerless because you generally can’t move, escape, or fight back.

This could be especially relevant in your career or personal life if you are trying to advance and being blocked by someone or something

Identifying what you’re being held back by in your waking life can be beneficial and prompt positive changes that will see you move around the impediments to a more satisfying life.

Generally, being held down by something โ€“ especially an opposing force โ€“ is the precursor to a worse scenario, so you may feel incredibly frantic. 

Perhaps you feel a sense of impending doom or are anxious about a significant change that could worsen everything. In this case, dreams like these prompt you to consider the decisions you’re making in your life carefully.

Dream Of Being Dragged By An Invisible Force

dream of being dragged by an invisible force

If you’re dreaming that an unseen force is dragging you somewhere you would rather not be, it’s probably not a good sign. It represents being forced to go somewhere you do not want.

Being dragged somewhere generally doesn’t have very good connotations, as it implies this movement is against your will to a destination you don’t want to go to. 

One possible meaning of this could pertain to finding yourself in a situation where you’re being forced to do something you’d not usually do or “go somewhere” professionally you didn’t want to

Think of scenarios that require you to:

  • act out of character, 
  • do something questionable, 
  • or act morally or ethically against your beliefs. 

This could also apply to specific relationships:

  • Are there expectations that you act in a way that goes against your grain? 
  • Does the relationship with a person in your waking life require that you do things you don’t want to? 

This can take on the form of manipulation or gaslighting, both of which are very toxic situations. 

In this regard, a scary dream is a good thing if it leads you to question whether you feel comfortable doing certain things or being in a relationship that requires you to act out of character. 

Suppose you can identify that this isn’t what you want. In that case, it will prompt you to enforce solid boundaries or end the relationship.

A final possibility about dreams of unseen forces dragging you somewhere could be that:

  • you feel like you are being pulled backward in life
  • are forced to revisit old wounds 
  • or relive past traumas

Often we make good progress processing things that have harmed us, and some situations in life trigger those issues. 

We find ourselves returning to a place of pain.

Perhaps it can even be seen as an opportunity to channel these emotions and seek help to process traumas and hurts once and for all. 

By removing the power from the unseen force to do any harm to us โ€“ whether dragging us, holding us down, or attacking us โ€“ we regain control of our own lives. We can prevent anything from forcing us to do things we don’t want.

Dream Of Being Lifted By An Invisible Force

A dream of being lifted up by something unseen could echo feeling out of control with nothing grounding you. It can represent losing your path in waking life.

Like the other acts of roughness we’ve mentioned above, being lifted can be equally scary โ€“ not only are you not grounded anymore, but you are also keenly aware that being left alone will result in a drop that will undoubtedly be painful when you hit the ground. 

  • Is it possible that you feel you’ve lost your identity or that you have lost your direction in life? 
  • Do you feel like something has taken over your existence, and you no longer know who you are? 

Dreams of being lifted by an invisible force can symbolize this process.

On the other hand, we sometimes dream of invisible forces that are not evil. For example, if you dream of an invisible force lifting you up, this might be a positive feeling. In the opposite way that being held down is to prevent you from moving, lifting you up can be seen as an act of kindness or help or a way of elevating you over life’s problems. 

This implies that a breakthrough is coming your way, and something is lying ahead to help you rise above your challenges. Many may see this as an encouragement not to lose faith and belief that things can improve, to increase their spirituality, or to seek divine help in dealing with their challenges. 

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