Dream About Escaping A Flood (Watery Omen You Can’t Ignore!)

dream about escaping a flood

 It’s okay to dream about escaping a flood.

While dreaming about being in flood can be scary, the focus should be on the fact that you can escape to safety. 

Floods are a force of nature that can’t be stopped and have immense and destructive power. Such disasters have claimed thousands of lives and caused immeasurable damage to cities and towns.

To experience such an event is undoubtedly terrifying. 

So what should you do if you dream about being caught in a flood or escaping from flood waters?

Dreams that spark anxiety and fear can be overwhelming. However, keep in mind that dreams often represent our waking life’s challenges or our emotions about our life in a more palatable way. 

Flooding can be a strong signifier of issues, events, or relationships that need attention. 

Spending time analyzing and thinking about your dreams in relation to your waking life is a valuable exercise to help you deal with your emotions more effectively.  

So, let’s look more closely at what these dreams could mean and how you should interpret them. 

What Does It Mean To Dream About Escaping A Flood?

Dreams about escaping a flood can signify your desire or attempts to deal with overwhelming emotions, suppressed feelings, or intense challenges in your waking life. However, floods also represent chaos and life changes, so dreams of escaping them can indicate you’re in for a fresh start.   

The Symbolism of Floods Or Flooding In Dreams

Dreams involving water often relate to our emotions. In the case of rising waters or floods, it can mean you are either overwhelmed by emotions or suppressing them in your waking life. 

We often push down our feelings because we think they are inappropriate or fear dealing with them.

This can often be represented in dreams where flood waters are rising around us in a way that may feel threatening. 

It’s imperative to pay attention to the sense of panic and fear this instills because we often don’t take it seriously that our emotions must be dealt with. Suppressed feelings aren’t healthy. 

Dreams about flooding can also symbolize an uncontrollable situation in your waking life. Perhaps something is happening in your career or a relationship that you feel you can’t stop, and it’s looming over you, threatening your peace and making you feel afraid. 

Similarly, floods in real life are equated to disasters. In this way, dreams about floods can represent chaos or destruction that may be imminent in your life

  • So what’s happening in your waking existence threatening to upset everything and potentially be catastrophic? 

It’s not uncommon to dream of being trapped in a flood when you’re in toxic relationships or you feel like you’re drowning in debt, for example. 

Other potential meanings for dreams about floods include:

  • A sudden or dramatic shift in your life is coming; a change in direction, be it at work, home, or in your circle of friends, is looming.
  • You’re on the threshold of something new and exciting, and you’ll have the opportunity to make a fresh start.
  • You’re facing some difficulties or challenges in your life, either in your career or romantic relationships, that you’re unsure you can overcome.

Whatever floods may symbolize for you specifically, dreams about flooding should encourage you to take stock of your life and see where you feel overwhelmed or snowed under. Identify potential disaster areas, and put things in place to remove stress and anxiety from your life. 

Dreams About Escaping Rising Flood Waters

It stands to reason that dreaming about escaping from a flood would imply that you are stronger than you think – and that you can get out of whatever negative situation you find yourself in.

We understand that flood waters can be threatening and represent impending disaster. 

Getting out of a potentially life-threatening situation in a dream should be seen as encouragement that you can triumph over the challenges you’re facing and that you are making the right decisions to deal with the things that try to bring you down.

It can also represent that you are yearning to escape from something toxic. So if your dream focuses on your struggle to free yourself and your subsequent escape, it may even be that you aren’t even aware of the situation that’s causing you distress. 

Your subconscious is trying to alert you to your deep desire to get out

Since dreams about water often pertain to emotions, the first area of your life that requires close examination is your relationships: 

  • Are you happy, fulfilled, and safe in your relationships? 

Consider which ones make you feel like you’re drowning, and analyze whether your dreams could prompt you to change for the better. 

Of course, escaping from a flood and potential drowning means that you can breathe freely and are not in danger of getting sucked under – this can be a very literal interpretation, too: 

  • Should you step away from unhealthy environments and damaging relationships?

A Dream About Swimming In Flood Waters

While escaping from flood waters, your dreams may be focused on your ability to swim and traverse the raging waters. It’s interesting to note that swimming in dreams often relates to how you manage your life, how your daily life is going, and whether you feel you’re doing a good job.

In particular reference to swimming, the state of the water is often a tell-tale sign:

  • Is the water clear and calm, 
  • Or dark and seething? 

Suppose the water represents your waking life, for example. In that case, it can indicate how your subconscious interprets whether you’re happy, well-balanced, and coping well with life.

Swimming through brown, angry tides can imply your life is messy and scary. You’re frantically trying to get through it to safe harbor: 

  • Do you feel like you’re currently struggling against life’s challenges? 
  • Are things at work stressful? 
  • Are you dealing with conflict at present? 

If so, these dreams show that your subconscious picks up on these stressors. 

On a more positive note, dreaming about swimming through a flood can also signify that you are currently in a healing phase. If the waters are not getting the best of you and you’re getting through them to the point of safety, your healing journey is likely a good one. 

Dreams such as these should always be taken as an urging to continue seeking healthy environments, peaceful relationships, and resolution for the conflict. 

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