Dreams About Mazes (Amazing Meanings)

dreams about mazes

Ok, so you haven’t been watching that movie, have you?

“The maze runner.” 

Because if you have, I can tell you what your dreams about mazes mean right now.

You watch too much TV!

But seriously.

Dreams about mazes or labyrinths have some common meanings and interpretations…

What Does a Dream About a Maze Mean?

Dreams about mazes are symbolic of change in your waking life. A labyrinth represents your unconscious mind. So to visit a maze expresses a need for self-discovery to make progress.

So a dream of this kind is revealing our unconscious.

In day-to-day life, we are unaware of our subconscious mind and how this influences our responses to daily events.

But dreams help put us in contact with our inner feelings. As a result, they often show what we need to address to achieve better overall happiness and fulfillment.

labyrinth diagram

The maze in your dreamscape is a “dream symbol.”

But what does this mean?

Well… The language of our dreams is highly symbolic and uses images of familiar things to express ideas.

A vision of a labyrinth could indicate that you’re looking for direction or guidance in waking life. The maze represents many available options and could be a sign that you’re struggling to find the right path.

Are you facing a particular challenge in your life?

This kind of dream is also a strong indication that something is changing. And your dreaming mind might tell you that you need to acquire specific skills to move forward and achieve the desired transformation.

In a way, you’re exploring your unconscious on a journey of self-awareness and discovery.

But keep in mind…

Entering a dream maze sometimes means confronting complicated or intimidating emotions which we would rather avoid.

To find your dream interpretation, take an honest look at your current situation.

Is there something (or someone) holding you back from making progress?

What Does a Maze Represent

A maze or labyrinth represents our unconscious mind or the hidden part of our personality. This is a part of your “psyche,” which consists of both conscious and unconscious parts.

The psyche is considered to be your “mind, spirit, and soul.” The parts of you which inhabit your physical body.

Traditionally, the image of a maze represents the inaccessible part of your psyche, in other words, your unconscious.

Labyrinths are a fitting symbol for the complexities of the human mind. Think of the complex system of paths in which it’s so easy to get lost.

For Carl Jung, a maze symbolized psychoanalysis itself. He considered it a “primordial image.” This is a pattern or universal theme recognizable by everyone and which represents the unconscious.

Some religions use the labyrinth as a symbol of a person’s journey towards enlightenment and spiritual completeness. In this regard, a maze can be considered “spiritually transformative.”

Why Do I Dream About Mazes

Most of the time, we dream as an emotional response to our daily lives. The reason for dreaming about a maze is probably a result of the challenges or complex events in your waking life.

So if you experience a labyrinth of some kind while dreaming, this reflects the confusion you feel in some aspect of your daily life.

Are you confused about your goals in life?

Or generally feeling lost?

Your unconscious mind is encouraging you to examine your situation to achieve better self-understanding.

Your dream is inviting you to enter the maze… To re-evaluate yourself and get a fresh start,

“You have to lose yourself to find yourself.”

Dream About Entering a Maze

entering a maze

Entering a maze in a dream is symbolic of exploring your inner-self. This expresses a quest for self-knowledge. This is not always an easy task. A labyrinth is a common dream symbol when you experience rapidly changing events in your life that need confronting.

It’s like a journey toward self-discovery.

You must accept the sometimes scary contents of your unconscious mind to discover your true self.

Does your dream reveal what lies within the maze of your mind?

Entering a maze means plunging into your inner emotions to discover what could hold you back in real life.

Do you see a person or an object in your dream?

Take note of what they are!

These things could represent the issues that you need to tackle in waking life.

Dreams About Maze Houses

Symbolically, a house represents the self, and a maze portrays the unconscious mind. To dream about a maze house suggests a journey into your inner-self to uncover self-knowledge.

In your dream, what part of the house are you located in?

Jungian psychology considered the different levels of a house to symbolize different levels of consciousness.

Carl Jung thought of this as “a kind of structural diagram of the human psyche,” with the lowest levels representing the most primitive part of the psyche.

See “The Undiscovered Self.” Carl Jung (Amazon)

The level of the maze in your dream house suggests the depth of any hidden emotions at the root of your struggles.

Does this dream refer to aspects of your childhood (the most primitive moments of your personal development)? Note that ​it’s also common to dream about your childhood home.

Or does this concern a more recent challenge in your life?

Interpreting this dream might require acknowledging issues that are hindering your psychic development.

A Dream About a Maze of Doors

dream about a labyrinth of doors

Doors are commonly considered to represent opportunities for change. So dreaming about a maze of doors could signify an overwhelming number of options. Or confusion because of too many choices in waking life.

A doorway is a dividing line between one place and another.

The dream interpretation for this kind of symbol could represent negative or positive changes.

For example, It might reflect a sense of happiness about the progress you’re making in day-to-day life.

An enthusiasm for new “doors of opportunity.”

Passing through a door represents embracing new opportunities for change. These “openings” are symbolic of moving from one state to another.

As you move forward in your dream, this suggests you need to carry out certain things to make progress in waking life.

But do you consider these things challenging?

In this case, the maze of doors represents feelings of being overwhelmed by all the choices to be made.

Your dream feels like a maze because one door leads to another, and then another.

Are you feeling confused or lost in your daily life?

Or perhaps your actions in waking life are leading you away from your real objectives?

Someone or something in your life might be pushing you in the wrong direction, away from your true goals.


You may need to leave your past behind to embrace a new future.

Dream About Getting Lost in a Maze

dream about getting lost in a maze

Dreaming of being lost in a maze could actually symbolize a period of transition in real life. The vision of a maze indicates anxious feelings about leaving behind your familiar lifestyle or uncertainty about your life goals.

Perhaps you feel that your life lacks direction?

In other words, are you feeling lost?

This could relate to aspects of your career or personal life which you are having difficulty acknowledging.

The dream vision of being lost in a maze could also be interpreted as a new beginning. But one which is causing confusion in daily life.

The general meaning of this type of dream is some kind of difficulty or bewilderment in your daily routine. Take a good look at your circumstances to try and identify the root of your frustration.

Dream About Being Trapped in a Maze

Being trapped in a dream maze symbolizes some kind of inner conflict, which prevents you from making the right choices in waking life.

Perhaps you feel trapped and confused in your waking life?

This could possibly reflect problems in your personal life, such as feeling imprisoned in an unwanted relationship. Or in professional life, such as being stuck in an unfulfilling job.

Such frustrations need to be faced to achieve better psychic harmony.

Dream About Being Chased in a Maze

Anxiety or stressful situations in real life can provoke a dream of this kind where you are pursued in a maze. The maze itself represents the feeling that you can’t find a way out of your predicament.

Typically, in these kinds of dreams, you are pursued by something which wants to harm you. However, you don’t necessarily have to see it to feel the need to run!

Running away is a metaphor for evasion or avoidance.

Suppose your standard coping mechanism for stressful situations is to avoid confrontation. In that case, your dream about being chased reflects your waking habits.

What is it you’re running away from?

What are you trying to avoid or put off in real life?

Your unconscious mind is trying to tell you that facing up to the underlying issues will help you achieve greater happiness.

Don’t forget the more obvious interpretation if you have a general fear of being assaulted in real life. Your environment might be causing an unwarranted level of anxiety.

Dream About Escaping a Maze

The act of escaping a maze is symbolic of resolving an emotional struggle of some kind. For example, this dream could represent liberation from something that inhibits you in real life. Or a desire for freedom.

Try to identify what you want to escape from in the waking world?

Are you feeling stifled in some way?

This could be a situation or a person.

Is there a dominating figure in your life? Do you let others make your decisions for you?

The stage of personal development from childhood to adulthood was called “individuation” by Carl Jung. He described this as a “labyrinth path,” meaning that self-discovery follows a twisting path. See “Becoming Whole – A Jungian Guide to Individuation.” (Amazon).

An essential part of this process is the separation from parents and becoming self-dependent.

This is a challenging time in our lives, but if we avoid developing a proper sense of personal identity, this can cause inner-conflicts

To become genuinely self-fulfilled, you need to become independent in life.

Dream About Giant Maze

The size of the maze in a dream could be significant. Of course, the labyrinth itself represents your feeling of being lost in some way. But the large size suggests that the issues at the root of your struggle seem considerably big or involve many different events or people.

The giant maze could represent the enormity of the tasks you face in real life.

There may be more than one challenge you need to confront.

Dream About Scary Maze

A scary maze represents something dramatically frightening in your life.

If you’re facing difficulty or confusion in everyday situations, this might trigger irrational fear or even a phobia.

In reality, these things are unlikely to cause you harm.

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