A Dream About Trees Falling (Discover The Hidden Meaning!)

a dream about trees falling

Dreams about trees can take on a remarkable, romantic aspect, but they can also feel terrifying and upsetting when those trees are being uprooted or falling. Trees, which are deeply rooted and can withstand many forces of nature, only tend to fall in the worst scenarios, so it stands to reason that dreaming about such things could cause concern.

In trying to understand the symbolism behind the things we dream of, we’re actively seeking an answer to negative situations or scary emotions in our waking life, too. 

Many decades ago, classical psychoanalysts and psychologists suggested that dreams represent motivation, wishes, thoughts, and desires. More recent studies have found reasons to concur with this theory. 

From a modern scientific point of view, the brain’s cortex deals with processing thoughts and higher-order functions. When we sleep, it is this area of the brain that creates our dreams from the waking experiences we have. So it stands to reason that what we experience in our daily lives will make its way into our dreams – and provide clues to things we may have buried deeply.

A positive way of dealing with stressors in your waking life is to examine what you’re being told in your dreamscapes. The clues we find are helpful ways of identifying, reframing and dealing with areas of concern in our lives. 

And, dreaming about trees can tell you many things about your present waking life, but also about your past – and maybe even your future.

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Trees Falling?

Trees represent your entire existence, consisting of your past, present, and future. Dreams about trees falling imply that an area of your life is changing, that you feel anxious about new paths, or that you are facing decisions that require you to choose a new way forward. Trees falling on your house could also mean your core self is changing or needs to change and that a time of chaos is at hand.

The symbolism of trees in dreams is quite beautiful when you think about it. Jung considered trees to be a symbol of the self and the process of growth. But to get a better understanding of this dream image, let’s dive into the symbolic meaning of the tree…

What Do Trees Symbolize In Dreams?

Trees are often seen as a representation of your combined existence: past, present, and future. If you consider the parts of a tree, the roots symbolize where you are grounded and where you come from, while the trunk represents your current waking life. Naturally, your future is thus contained in the outstretched branches. 

Many experts suggest that trees also represent change, transition, or various seasons in your life. For example, as their leaves change color, they lose their leaves entirely, or when new buds start to form, trees can also symbolize new things happening in your life. And, since trees are generally deeply anchored by their roots, a tree in your dream can also represent something you are attached to or connected to.

With all of this in mind, the way the tree appears in your dream is crucial. While we understand what the tree itself can represent, a falling tree can be meaningful in that you may feel impending loss, severe change, or uprooting of something you’re very attached to

So, now you have a better understanding of the meaning behind tree dreams, this will help you realize what it could imply if you dream of a fallen tree…

What Does A Fallen Tree Symbolize In Your Dream?

For those who dream of a tree that has already fallen, it could symbolize an uprooting or a significant change – and, since dreams reflect on our waking lives, this is likely in response to something different

Whether you’ve changed jobs, moved houses, or ended a relationship, a fallen tree could signal that a new pathway is being taken. It could also preempt such significant changes, with the fallen tree suggesting that it’s time for you to step towards a new beginning

Consider what’s happening in your life– is it time to make a fresh start?

Similarly, the size of the tree in your dream could also indicate how much value the part of your life that is feeling uprooted holds. Big trees speak of established, foundational elements of your life that have grown alongside you – small trees are newly formed and represent new parts of your life that aren’t quite as deeply rooted. So, dreams about big trees falling imply a significant change is either on the way – or needed.

What Does A Dream About Trees Falling On A House Mean?

a dream about a tree falling on a house

If you’ve had a dream about a tree falling onto your house, you may feel naturally upset by the destruction of your home. However, considering the symbolism behind a house – your safe space, haven, or foundation – the idea of a tree falling on it could imply that some significant change is headed your way in your personal life. 

The vision of a tree falling onto your home sanctuary also implies that you feel a significant change in your waking life. There may be some changes in the areas where you usually feel safe, for example, in your career, family life, or certain relationships. 

It could also imply a disruption to your foundational self…

Are you in a situation where you are being asked to compromise who you are?

A Dream Of A Tree Falling On A Car

Similar to how a tree falling on a house is aligned with what a home represents, a tree falling on a car could also indicate feelings that you are being prevented from moving forward, moving on, or moving upwards in your own life. 

Do you feel blocked off in some areas? 

Do you think that some areas of your life are stagnating?

As a car symbolizes movement from one place to the next, a tree falling on your car implies that you feel restricted in your progress. 

What If You Dream About A Tree or Tree Branches Falling On You?

Taking the idea one step further, dreams about trees falling on you will also point to feelings you may have of parts of your life coming to an end. And, if you’re dreaming about a branch that breaks off and falls on you, it can mean that an area of your life has become stagnant or weak and “snapped off.” Branches of trees only break off if they are dying or too heavily weighted down.

This means you should look at your life and see if certain aspects are no longer flourishing or if an area is bogged down and not moving forward. For example, perhaps you’ve come to the end of the road in your job, a relationship, or a situation weighing heavily on your heart.  

Tree branches falling have also been linked to anxiety and unresolved issues; think about areas of your waking life that are currently causing stress and consider whether this could be related to that scenario.

What About Dreams Of Trees Falling In A Storm?

It’s easy to see how a storm in your dream could echo trouble or confusion in your waking life. Like storms in real life, those we dream about could signify that chaos or catastrophe looms and that we feel out of control to stop what’s about to happen. 

Dreams about trees falling in a storm can be pretty worrying because it may feel incredibly frightening; you are likely experiencing overwhelming shock or loss in your waking life too, and along with it, the inevitable changes of such things. 

Consider areas in your life where you may be dealing with sudden grief, loss, or significant change, and you may understand the significance of your dream.


Although dreams about falling trees can be traumatic – especially if they involve destruction, pain, or fear when the trees in your dreams come tumbling down – it is an excellent opportunity for self-reflection. Find the area in your life that needs to change, prepare to take a step on a new journey, or prepare yourself for new things.

Change can be a perfect thing, even if it is scary 🙂

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