What Does It Mean When You Dream About Dyeing Your Hair?

dream about dyeing your hair

When we dream of something strange or out of character, we feel unsure and sometimes even unsettled, wondering what it means. Many theorists suggest that dreams represent what we’re currently experiencing in waking life and, more importantly, our emotional state. 

Collecting our dreams and analyzing their symbolism compared to our waking life is a method to process subconscious concerns or worries

It can also be an excellent way of identifying areas of personal growth.

Many people dye their hair in real life, but dreaming about changing your hair color, may seem strange to you – especially when you’re dreaming about changing your hair color to something you wouldn’t normally consider! So what does it mean when you dream about dyeing your hair?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Dyeing Your Hair? 

Dreams about dyeing your hair could represent a desire to change who you are or try something new. Sometimes, it could express your longing to be more extroverted or be seen differently. But, on the other hand, if you dream about a bad hair dye job, it could mean you feel your attempts at self-improvement have gone awry.

What Does Hair Symbolize In Dreams?

The idea that hair is your crowning glory goes more than just skin deep, and often when we dream about our hair, it’s a symbol of how we see ourselves, our lives, and our state of well-being at the time. 

For this reason, it’s important to note the condition of the hair in our dreams. 

For example, suppose you dream your hair is beautiful, lustrous, and beautifully styled. In that case, it could indicate that you feel your life is on track and you’re healthy and functioning optimally. In some ways, this may be vain or imply arrogance, but this can be in a non-negative way.

Instead of seeing your hair as a means of being superior to others, it is an opportunity to introspect a little. 

  • Is your hair in your dream tangled, messy, or lacking shine? 
  • Is it possible that this could reflect a dull period or that things in your waking life are a mess, and you’re struggling to control it? 

In the same way that the condition of your hair harks back to how you see your life, dyeing your hair in a dream can also enlighten you about certain things in your life. In a straightforward way, dyeing your hair in a dream could represent an attempt to escape something entirely.

What Does Dyeing Your Hair In A Dream Mean?

Dyeing hair is done in real life for various reasons. In contrast, many people dye their hair to enhance their looks, hide grey due to aging, or simply for fun. The idea behind it is to change your appearance. 

If you’re dreaming about dyeing your hair in a dream, it’s important to note: 

  • What color you’re using?
  • Why you’re doing it?
  • Whether the dyeing job turns out good or bad?

If, for example, you dream about dyeing hair and the result is a beautiful mane that makes you feel confident and happy, it could imply that you need to improve certain aspects of yourself, make a few personal changes, or work on your confidence levels

You may feel bad about yourself in real life, and you’re considering making changes to improve your self-image.

This way, dreams about dyeing your hair could encourage you to work on yourself. Whether it pertains to your physical appearance, such as how you dress, whether you feel you need to lose a few pounds or put more effort into how you look will depend on your unique situation.

On the other hand, if you dream about dyeing your hair and it goes badly, it could imply that something you’re doing in life is harmful to you

For example, you may feel that a situation, relationship, or even career is breaking you down and having negative consequences. 

A very literal assumption could be that you feel like you are being asked to compromise who you are and be something you’re not in a specific waking life situation. 

Are you dyeing your hair because someone else asked you to in your dream? 

Think about your current lifestyle and whether you feel some areas are being changed in a way you’re uncomfortable with.

Dreams About Dyeing Your Hair Blonde Or Black

dreams about dyeing your hair blonde

While some people feel that colors represent specific things in dreams, paying attention to the type of color and dye job you’re affecting in your dream may be more critical. 

For example, dyeing your hair blonde or black is a dramatic change, but perhaps it has more to do with what you feel blonde or black hair represents to you, personally.

Consider the adage that ‘blondes have more fun’! 

In popular culture, women with blonde hair are traditionally seen as more extroverted, seeking attention, and generally considered more attractive

There are negative connotations to blonde hair, too, with many feeling that blonde implies they are not as bright as brunettes or have questionable morals. 

What does being blonde represent to you?

Suppose you are dyeing your hair blonde in a dream. In that case, it could signify that you are yearning to be more extroverted or want to be viewed as more desirable by others. It’s also possible that you want to be noticed more

Do you find yourself in a place in your life where people don’t take you seriously?

Similarly, black or dark brown hair could mean the opposite. 

Darker hair has been used in popular culture to signify a more serious, intellectual type of person. Perhaps you want to be taken more seriously for something other than your appearance or become anonymous

Do you feel you are in the limelight in your waking life and just want to vanish?

Dreams About Dyeing Your Hair Bright Colors: Pink, Blue, Red, Or Green

Suppose you dream of dyeing your hair pink, blue, green, or red. In that case, it may symbolize your desire to change things drastically in your everyday life.

Bright hair colors are traditionally linked to those who love drawing attention and don’t mind being stared at.

  • Is there an aspect of your life that you feel is dull and needs to be shaken up?

Perhaps you’re feeling unseen in your waking life. The thought of dyeing your hair luminescent shades expresses your frustration with not being noticed

This can be the case if you feel passed up in your career, for example, or if there is a sense of you flying under the radar in your social life. 

The desire to be noticed and to stand out from the crowd could be coming through in your dream about dyeing your hair vibrant shades. But it could also represent the desire to become someone else entirely. 

  • Is it possible that you feel your life is stagnant and unexciting? 

Trying to bring some adventure and lightheartedness into your life could also be a desire that these dreams hint at.


Since our hair represents how we see ourselves, dreams about changing the very nature of our hair by dyeing it a different color could indicate a desire to change ourselves – or aspects of our lives – to be more in line with our deeper desires

Whether that is to be noticed more, to feel more self-confident, or to become more anonymous, it’s worth looking at where you are in your waking life to understand better why you’re dreaming about dyeing your hair.

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