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Dreaming Of A Full Moon (Mysterious Meanings!)

The moon is a powerful symbol in dreams and often represents change

And if you’re dreaming about a full moon, it’s unsurprising, as the moon has long been a common motif in many cultures: From appearing in folk tales to tracking the time and seasons.

The image of the full moon resonates with people; as such, we see it appear in art, music, and as a powerful magical symbol. For thousands of years, the moon has helped humanity track the months and the changing year, so it is woven into our society.

So if you’re wondering what dreaming about a full moon means, you’ll also need to examine how you view the moon as a symbol.

Does it make you think of:

  • female power, 
  • serenity, 
  • or the passage of time? 

In this article, we’ll look at common readings that will help guide you to an answer.

What Does A Full Moon Symbolize In Dreams

symbolic meaning of the moon in dreams

In general, the moon represents the cyclical nature of life. A full moon in a dream symbolizes hope, especially if you are going through a difficult phase of your waking life.

We have been interpreting the symbolic meaning of dreams for thousands of years. In the 2nd Century AD, the Greek diviner Artemidorus wrote detailed books on dream interpretation.

Much later, Freud used dream interpretation as part of his psychoanalysis techniques and used our associations with symbols to find a deeper meaning in the metaphor of dreams. The full moon has many powerful associations and can have varied interpretations.

Upcoming Changes in Your Life

Dreaming of a full moon can indicate the passing of time and the change of seasons. There may be a change coming in your life. If you are a woman, you may be approaching perimenopause or menopause, as the lunar cycle is often explicitly associated with the feminine cycle

You may face a spiritual change of heart, as the moon is often linked to mysterymagic, and divinity.

You Feel Complete

While a new moon can symbolize beginnings, in contrast, a full moon shows completion. You may feel content with your lifeserene in your place in the universe

Perhaps you have recently completed a project you’re proud of or have gone through a process of change and have reached the end of your journey.

A pregnant woman may dream of a full moon as her time draws near—the full moon is an image of feminine power, and the ‘fullness’ may be a direct wordplay on the state of your pregnancy(Your subconscious often uses puns to get its meaning across!)

You Feel Uncertain About Something

Because the moon waxes and wanes, it can symbolize instability, especially in morals and emotions. You could be wavering over something and feeling undecided about your direction. This is an especially pertinent reading if you see two full moons in your dream.

The moon’s gravity controls the ebb and flow of the tide, and with two moons, you will feel like you are being pulled in two opposing directions at once

So it’s time to look carefully at the choice you need to make before deciding your path.

You Are Ambitious

If you are leaping up to try and touch the full moon, you are aiming high for your goals. Your ambitions are sky-high! This isn’t bad—the emotions in your dream and what happens next also play a large part in the meaning.

Suppose you feel excitement and joy while leaping toward the moon. In that case, this indicates that following your ambitions is a good choice

On the other hand, worrying about falling and crashing to the ground could point toward your fears of failure.

You are Worried About the Future

When a full moon appears in the heavens with all the stars and a red sun, this strange and unnatural occurrence is most likely rooted in the fear that something disastrous is about to occur

For example, you may be worried about family troubles or significant upheavals like war or climate crisis.

Fear is one of our principal emotions and is often a prompt for dream symbolism. Emotions almost always occur in dreams; most often, these are negative, with fear being the most common overall. This could be a way for our mind to regulate the anxiety we feel in our waking life.

What Does a Dream Of A Huge Full Moon Mean?

dream of a huge full moon

When your subconscious wants you to pay particular attention to a symbol in a dream, it may disproportionately increase the size of that symbol. In this case, your psyche wants you to focus on the moon and what it represents.

It’s a good idea to write down all the details surrounding your dream about the moon, particularly the emotions you experienced. A full moon may represent an aspect of yourself, particularly:

  •  the feminine, 
  • creative, 
  • fertile, 
  • and mysterious part of you.

Your subconscious may want you to focus on a particular aspect of your life. 

Perhaps you have been neglecting creative pursuits or need to take time to encourage the feminine aspects of your personality.

The full moon is also associated with madness and wildness—think of werewolves turning at full moon, or lunatic, meaning “moon-struck.”

The reading here can have two opposite meanings, depending on your emotions and what is happening in your waking life:

  • It could be a warning that you are acting a little off-balance and taking risks, 
  • Or it may encourage you to let go and live freer.

Seeing a Full Red Moon In Dream Meaning

full red moon results from a lunar eclipse and can have two common interpretations. 

  • First, a blood moon may warn you of trouble and strife—personal or global.

You may be fighting with friends or family and feeling anxious about it, or perhaps you are reading news of national or global conflict and are worried about the future.

  • Another interpretation of an eclipse is that you or something in your life is overshadowing the creative, spiritual, or feminine part of your personality. 

So you may want to consider letting those parts shine again.

What Is The Meaning When You Dream About Two Full Moons

Two full moons indicate conflicting interests or desires pulling you in opposing directions. 

If the moons are the same size, they exert equal influence in your life, making your choice even more difficult.

This lunar dream can also show that you are on a journey of transitions, and you will move from one complete state to another. This change could be spiritual, emotional, or physical, but you don’t need to panic about this transition—in the end, you will feel whole and your purpose fulfilled.

Dreaming Of A Full Moon – Spiritual Meaning

A full moon has many spiritual meanings; the moon has, since antiquity, been seen as a symbol of the divine and mysterious. So a full moon in your dream may mean you should pay more attention to your spiritual journey through life.

The moon is a strong force that may pull you to consider some part of your life you have ignored. 

But, the moon also quite literally shines a light in the darkness. It may be a beacon for you, showing that even in troubled times, there is illumination—someone will be there to help you.

The full moon’s light also promises enlightenment and fulfillment, and you may reach the apex of your spiritual journey. Especially if the dream is happy and peaceful, you can read this dream as one about joy and success in your goals.

If you see a misted halo around the moon, this encourages you to think carefully about your next steps. For example, if you doubt yourself, the halo indicates you need to question where these doubts come from and what steps you can take to regain your faith.

Alternatively, a halo can represent holiness, and you feel more connected with your spirit and divinity.

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