Dreams About Someone Stealing And Getting Caught (Meaning!)

dreams about someone stealing and getting caught

For most people, taking part in illegal activities is a big no-no and a sign that you are acting without a moral compass. So consider the anxiety that sets in if you dream about someone you love committing a crime and getting caught – and even more so if the person doing the crime is you.

Most modern psychologists and scientists concur that dreams result from events that unfold in our waking lives; the people, places, and things that happen are all linked to our experiences, and as we come to rest, these replay as a means of processing our deepest thoughts. Dreaming about something as upsetting as crime and punishment could have profound implications.  

If we uphold the thought that our dreams are linked to what we desire, what we’re afraid of, or what motivates us, then dreaming about being caught stealing will likely pertain to something we’re hoping for resolution with or fearful of the consequences. And while such dreams may cause anxiety, it also means that understanding what it reflects can help you resolve the triggering waking-life event

Modern psychologists such as Ian Wallace believe that dreams relating to crime come from a repressed feeling that you are hiding something. So, if you can identify what that is, you can more easily reframe your thoughts, alleviate stress, and find peace 🙂

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Stealing And Getting Caught?

Dreaming about someone stealing something can symbolize the feeling that someone is doing something they shouldn’t be, isn’t respecting boundaries, or is acting recklessly. Dreaming that they got caught could represent the consequences of their actions and either your fear – or hope – that justice is served. This is especially pertinent if you’re feeling done in by someone in your life.

What Does It Mean To See Crime In a Dream?

For the most part, illegal activities in your dream represent something you’re uncomfortable with, hiding from yourself or something you have yet to confront. And, since our dreams reflect issues we’re facing in our waking lives, this often comes down to a moral issue within yourself that you may be ignoring.

Crime can take on many forms in our dreams, whether it’s shoplifting, stealing something from someone, or being arrested for more severe crimes like assault. In any of these, you may be left unsettled if you were the victim of the crime or the perpetrator. 

Keep in mind however, dreams about stealing something are pretty common. 

What Does A Dream That You Caught Someone Else Stealing Mean?

There are two parts to consider when it comes to dreaming about someone else caught stealing: 

  • Firstly, the act itself and the person committing it have meaning, which could imply that the person is doing something you are against, that you don’t condone, or that crosses a personal boundary. 
  • Secondly, being caught stealing could represent your desire for them to be stopped.

The fact that you are witnessing someone else do something illegal – and, specifically, taking something that doesn’t belong to them – represents this person not respecting boundaries, not being considerate, or being reckless

Being caught in the act is symbolic of either a desire for them to be exposed for their negative behaviors or that you want there to be a consequence to their actions.

Dreams About A Significant Person Caught Stealing: 

The person in your dream that is caught stealing is also significant. Since our dreams reflect situations and people in our daily lives, the person in your dream is important in some way. 

What role does the person in your dream play in your waking life? 

  • Spouse or partner: A spouse or partner, someone you trust intimately, that is stealing and getting caught could represent that you feel the person closest to you is doing something wrong. Is there something happening in your marriage or relationship that echoes these feelings?
  • Family member or close friend: While the main character in your dream may not be the closest person to you, the emotion connected to the act of stealing has reference to this person – in other words, the fact that you are dreaming of a person you know is significant. Are you worried about them? Do you feel concerned about their actions?
  • Someone you don’t know: On the other hand, if the person that’s caught stealing is someone you don’t know, this could be an indication that you feel cheated, or hurt, but you’re not sure why or by whom. Or, the fact that you don’t know them could indicate that the dream is more about you.

What Does It Mean If You Dream Of Someone Getting Caught In A Dream?

Dreaming about someone stealing is one thing, but the fact that you’re dreaming about them actively getting caught could represent two things: a positive feeling connected to them being caught or a negative one. Most importantly, we’re likely to feel relief when someone is brought to justice for doing something wrong. But what if you don’t want them to get caught?

If the person is someone meaningful to you, a sense of anxiety that they will be taken from you is pretty standard. Dreams about the closest person to you being caught stealing could express your desire for them to be more careful and considerate – almost like an “I told you so” moment that sees them coming to their senses.

On the other hand, some people in negative relationships or toxic environments could dream of their partners being caught doing something terrible to express their desire for intervention. The need for something, or someone, to stop behavior that is frowned upon is a common theme amongst those who experience domestic violence or betrayal.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Stealing Something And Getting Caught?

But what if the person in your dream caught stealing is you

In the same way that criminal activity represents doing something you consider wrong, amoral, or clashing with your values, dreaming about doing something illegal could symbolize that you feel you are betraying yourself or doing something out of character.

Is something happening in your career that makes you act in a way you don’t want to? 

Are you being required to skimp on your work ethic or overlook certain things you usually wouldn’t? 

  • What about your relationships – is something happening that shouldn’t be happening? 
  • Dreaming about yourself stealing could indicate a sense of guilt about something you’re doing in your waking life. 
  • Getting caught implies the same, then; are you afraid that something will come back to bite you? 

It’s difficult not to feel scared or apprehensive in these cases, but sometimes dreaming about getting caught can be a relief, too. Some may be looking for a sense of safety, a rescue, or even an authority figure to swoop in and put an end to something genuinely unpleasant. 

I Had A Dream That I Caught Someone Stealing My Car

a dream that I caught someone stealing my car

Dreams about cars tend to have meaning for those who view their cars as a means to moving forward, as a status symbol, or as a sense of independence. Cars can represent your ability to make decisions for yourself, being able to go wherever you want to, for example. 

So if you’re dreaming that someone is stealing your car, this could indicate that you feel your independence is being threatened

Is something happening in your waking life that has blocked your ability to do as you please? 

Or is there something you feel apprehensive about that may have serious consequences?


If your dreams involve stealing and getting caught, it’s a good idea to attend to it as a matter of urgency; your unconscious is filled with concerns about acting out of character, doing something you shouldn’t be doing, or hiding something from yourself. 

Take the time to examine what’s happening in your waking life and which areas you feel least like your true self, and consider these dreams a warning. Re-evaluate your life and align your actions with your values.

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