Dreaming Of Falling In Love With Someone Else (Is This Wrong?)

dreaming of falling in love with someone else

It can be very worrying for those in a relationship to dream about romantic affinities with someone other than their current partner. 

It’s natural to wonder what this says about the condition of your relationship or your current state of mind.

It’s been said that dreams represent themes in our waking lives and that our deepest desires and unfulfilled wishes can be brought to life in our dream world

Many believe things we hide from ourselves can also come to the fore in our dreams. 

So what exactly does a dream like this mean for you?

Let’s untangle some of the possible meanings…

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Falling In Love With Someone Else When You Are In A Relationship?

Dreams of falling in love with someone else could imply feeling vulnerable or distant from your partner or yearning for romantic love. On the other hand, dreams about falling in love with someone else could also show desires for stability, commitment, and long-term happiness.  

Dreams are often expressions of what’s in our subconscious mind, so it stands to reason that dreams about relationships are common. Even introverted people have significant relationships, and these take up a large chunk of our lives.

The Symbolism of Relationships In Dreams

When we dream of relationships, it is often because that specific relationship has meaning to us or represents our hopes and dreams. For example, dreaming about your relationship with your significant other can relate to your hopes and dreams for your future. 

Human beings are relational, which means we can’t live in isolation. Even for those of us who aren’t quite so extroverted, there are at least one or two relationships of significance in our lives. Naturally, such relationships can evoke intense emotions in us, which are likely to appear in our dreams.

If you dream about marrying the one you love, it could imply that you see your future as rosy and filled with love. But, on the other hand, if you dream of a breakdown in your relationship with your other half, you could feel pessimistic about what lies ahead.

Of course, direct links can also be made with the state of your relationship and whatever you’re dreaming about. For example, you may find that you and your partner are in a difficult space, and that tension may manifest in your dreams

And such is the case when you dream about falling in love with someone else. 

Dreaming Of Falling In Love With Another Man Or Woman  

Considering the personal nature of your romantic relationships, dreaming of falling in love with another man or woman other than your current partner can be pretty distressing. You may even feel like you are betraying them or doing something wrong

It’s important to understand that while dreams speak to your goals and wishes, it doesn’t imply that you wish to cheat on your partner or are purposefully betraying them. Such dreams could highlight your guilt about something in your relationship, but it doesn’t automatically imply infidelity or dishonesty.

Feelings of guilt or betrayal could be linked to many scenarios, including:

  • keeping the truth from your partner, 
  • avoiding specific topics, 
  • Or even making decisions they may disagree with. 

For example, accepting a new job offer could make you feel guilty because it could strain your relationship.

This may prompt you to feel like you are losing your partner, moving away from them, or creating distance. 

This could be happening from their side too, and your fears and anxieties about this could be coming through in dreams that you are falling in love with someone else. 

It’s essential to consider the health of your current relationship. Do you feel it is strained, or you’re not doing well? This distance or your challenges may make you feel alienated from your partner. 

It’s also possible that you’re longing for the distance to be bridged between you and your partner. Your desire to feel that “in love” feeling is represented in the dream of falling for someone else. 

Dreaming Of Falling In Love With A Married Man Or Woman

Suppose your dreams include falling in love with someone married to another person. In that case, you may experience feelings of guilt, shame, or even disgust. But don’t assume this means there is something wrong with your character.

Instead, consider areas in your life where you may be doing something that feels wrong.

This could be anything that questions your internal moral code or a situation that requires you to be someone you’re not. Sometimes, it could imply that you’re breaking up something important or even sacred to you.

It’s also possible that dreams about falling in love with a married person could imply you feel that happiness – the assumed “happy ending” that comes with falling in love – is out of your reach. Because the person in your dream is already betrothed to someone, it could mean you feel happiness, a solid relationship, or healthy love is unattainable.

  • Is there a chance your current relationship feels like it’s not progressing or going anywhere? 

Dreams of falling in love with a married man or woman could also indicate your desire for commitment. Getting married is something many people view as the goal in relationships, and perhaps your current relationship isn’t headed that way

In this way, dreaming about falling in love with someone who’s already married could embody your yearning for someone who isn’t afraid of commitment and is ready to settle down. 

It’s worth examining your goals and dreams, establishing what you want from your current relationship, and whether that aligns with where you see yourself in a few years.

Dream About Your Husband Falling In Love With Someone Else

The converse of these dreams is that your husband or wife is falling for someone else in your dream. The most natural assumption to make here is that you’re feeling insecure, anxious, or distant from your current partner. 

  • Has something happened that’s pushed you apart?

Your fears or concerns about losing your partner to someone else usually also hark back to your feelings about yourself

  • Do you feel that you aren’t good enough for your partner? 
  • Or that you’re not doing enough to keep them happy? 

We often tend to fear losing our significant other to someone more attractive, wealthier, slimmer, exciting, and so forth. 

This is most often the case when we’ve hit a rocky patch in our relationship or something has happened that has upset the balance, and neither of you is very happy. 

In this case, a dream like this is an excellent opportunity to evaluate whether you’re truly happy and growing with your current partner.

If the answer is yes, consider dreams like these as an encouragement to work on the relationship and invest in your future happiness. Conversely, if you identify that you aren’t happy, see it as an urging to step up, end the relationship, and invest in yourself to be a whole person in any new relationship you may have.

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