Dream Of Being Lifted Up In The Air (Hidden Meaning!)

dream of being lifted up in the air

Dreaming about someone hoisting you up into the air is surprisingly common. 

And you can interpret this dream in several ways, though your reading will depend on your own unique experience. 

However, by looking at common meanings, you can compare this with what is happening in your life for a more accurate interpretation.

Let’s figure out what this might mean for you…

What does it mean to dream of being lifted in the air?

Being lifted into the air in a dream shows movement into a time of freedom and inspiration. You are rising above situations that have held you down or being warned to avoid issues and ‘rise above’ them. When determining the meaning, consider your emotions and the air around you.

A dream where you are lifted into the air can have both negative and positive connotations. It all depends on your emotional state in your dream and what is happening in your personal life. 

But by examining the prevailing interpretations, you can gain insight into what your psyche is trying to tell you. Here are some possibilities of what this dream means:

You Have Become Stronger in Your Abilities

If you rise effortlessly into the air, you may have become more adept at your work or life skills. This is because you’ve worked hard on improving, and now difficult things have become second nature.

If your dream has you lifting quickly into the sky, review what other elements you remember from your dream. For example:

  • Did you have a feeling of accomplishment?
  • What did you rise above?

If you see yourself rising above fellow office workers or above your work building, it may be time for you to get a raise or an advancement.

Good for you!

Someone Has Power Over You

Sometimes in dreams where we are lifted into the sky, it feels entirely out of our control. It’s almost as though a giant invisible hand has raised us, whether we like it or not. Dreams like this can show that we feel powerless and that someone else is directing our life’s calls.

However, powerlessness in dreams may not mean someone else is controlling us. Instead, our dreams reflect how we feel about ourselves

Yes… That’s right!

This dream could indicate we need to face up to ourselves and take better control over our lives to get the life we want.

You Are Rising Above an Unpleasant Situation

A dream of being lifted could show that you are trying to rise above a situation at work or home that has become unpleasant

This is an especially significant reading if you are being lifted above something awful in the dream, and you feel you have been saved by rising above it.

There may be a situation in your waking life where you would be better not to become involved. 

So your psyche is warning you to stay out of this one!

You Are Ready to Enter a Period of Freedom

This dream is a good omen if you rise into the skies with joy and celebration. You are ready to enter a new period of freedom. You may be about to change jobs, and your latest work allows for more creativity. 

Air and artistic vision are often linked. You might be entering a life stage that allows you the freedom to do the things you’ve always wanted. 

On the other hand, perhaps:

  • your kids are leaving home, 
  • you’ve retired, 
  • or you’ve ended a relationship that dragged you down.

You Have Problems You Must Overcome

If you’re struggling to rise in the air but feel you have been drawn up anyway, this could show you have concerns you are fighting to overcome. Events unfold in the waking world, dragging you down, but you keep fighting to free yourself.

There may be problems you can’t face, and you’re trying to ignore them rather than tackle them head-on. This could be why the dream feels you struggle to rise. However, something is connecting you back to the ground, and you must solve this issue before you can fly free.

You Are Yearning for Something

Dreams, where you have an intense feeling of longing or desire as you rise into the air, show some unacknowledged need

You feel something missing from your life and are looking to find it, perhaps by trying to escape the confines of your day-to-day life (the ground).

It could also mean that you are currently on the wrong path, and to reach the heights you want, you’ll need to change something. So it’s time to look at the future and decide what to do to set yourself on the right path.

You Feel Satisfied

As always, your emotional state in the dream will lead you to the correct interpretation. Sometimes these dreams in which you rise in the air leave you feeling satisfied and blissful

Things are likely going well in your life, and you have satisfaction both in your personal life and at work.

When these dreams bring a deep sense of peace, it indicates you feel whole and that everything you do is in harmony with your goals.

Dream of being lifted up in the sky 

dream of being lifted up in the sky

One of the essential things to note is the air quality in the sky. This quality can tell much about your emotional state outside of the dream

Air is a symbol of creativity and intelligence in many cultures and myths. 

Air is how we communicate; it gives us life and breath. The root of ‘inspiration’ comes from the Latin word for breathing—spirare.’

Being lifted into the sky can connect deeply with our powers of creativity

If that air is clean and sweet, it could show that we are ready to move to a place of great inspiration. So you may be about to enter a fruitful and creative period.

However, if the sky’s air is foul and clouded, it might indicate that your creative impulses are blocked. You want to rise above and unleash your imagination, but something is blocking those artistic impulses and thoughts.

Dream Of Being Lifted To The Ceiling

Dream ceilings can symbolize something stopping you from achieving your goals. In a cultural sense, images like a ‘glass ceiling‘ shows that something is unfairly preventing you from advancing in your workplace.

If you are being lifted into the air until a ceiling bars you from rising further, this points to obstacles in your life holding you back. This obstacle could be something in your career or your personal life

Sometimes that ceiling represents ourselves—we could be talking ourselves out of taking chances that would be good for us.

However, the dream ceiling may be there to protect you. For example, suppose the ceiling stops you from feeling like you are being taken to the sky against your control. In that case, it could be that someone in your life exerts a protective power over you

Someone is looking out for your well-being 🙂

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