What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone? (The Surprising Truth!)

what does it mean when you dream about someone

People are important manifestations in dreams. 

Whether your dream features yourself or a huge cast of characters, each of these figures has some meaning. 

But there are several myths related to dreaming about someone! 

For example, some claim that the person is thinking about or missing you. 

In reality, your dreams are far more focused on you and your feelings than any outside influence. 

Let’s examine some of the main reasons people appear in your dreams.

Reasons Why You Dream About Someone

reasons why you dream about someone

Dreams are intimately connected with your vision of the self and personal journey. When you dream of other people, they are likely reflections of an aspect of your personality. They can also be symbols for your subconscious feelings toward that person.

While there are many reasons why you are dreaming about a particular person, one explanation is that certain archetypes in our dreams stand for different aspects of our unconscious vision of our conscious self.

Archetypes refer to recurring symbols or themes that appear in dreams across different cultures and individuals. 

Although archetypes are universal, how you apply them to your understanding of yourself will be personal. For example, dream figures may represent your hopes and fears or can lead to understanding how you genuinely view someone in your life.

As with all dream interpretation, paying close attention to the emotions in your dream is key to understanding.

They Have Made an Impression on You

Sometimes when you dream of a recognizable person, they have made a deep impression on your life

This person could be a parental or guiding figure who has taught you life lessons or someone you admire. 

Note that these dreams don’t necessarily mean that person was a good influence in your life.

The dream may push you to emulate their good behavior or warn you of repeating their negative traits.

You Are Thinking About Your Crush

You are most likely to dream about whoever is uppermost in your thoughts, including crushes. When you dream about someone you’re attracted to, your subconscious reflects how much you think about that person

Especially early on, we can become almost obsessive about a person we have a crush on, and this dream can be a way to explore how a relationship might develop.

You Are Sorting Through your Feelings About That Person

Your subconscious may have fixated on that person because you need more time to think about your true feelings for them

Dreams and their symbols allow our psyche to sort through what we already subconsciously know and gain insight into why we feel that way.

The dream establishes a bridge between things happening in your waking life with your inner intuition. 

Understanding why you dream of someone can uncover deeply-held beliefs about that person.

They Reflect a Part of Your Personality

The people in your dream may be symbols of the self.

For instance, the “Disturbing Shadow” reflects your personality’s darker, repressed aspects

However, people you recognize may also be symbols for something else. For example, dreaming of your mother could represent the feminine and nurturing part of yourself.

Why Do People Show Up In Your Dreams?

Sometimes people show up in your dream because you have recently spent much time with them or have been thinking about them. When someone or something is uppermost in your mind, it bleeds into your subconscious and often appears in your dreams

In addition, our emotional state affects our dreams; strong feelings about that person can also trigger their appearance.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Fighting A Stranger

dream about fighting a stranger

The stranger in your dream can be an archetype that reflects part of yourself. For example, fighting a stranger in a dream could indicate guilt or anger about this part of your personality. 

Pay attention to the type of stranger, and consider what they may represent. For example, the emotions you feel can lead you to understand what aspect of yourself is causing these nightmares.

Dream Of Hugging Someone

Dreaming of hugging someone can indicate a strong emotional bond between yourself and the person. 

It could mean you are already in a loving relationship with them, or the dream may urge you to deepen the bond. But, of course, the dream doesn’t necessarily indicate a romantic relationship. Still, it can also be a shorthand for your loneliness, and your psyche is telling you to reach out to others.

What Does It Mean When You Dream Someone Is Chasing You To Kill You

nightmare in which someone is chasing you and trying to kill you is a sign that you are struggling with feelings of control

  • Does a person in your life hold power over you? (this causes a lot of fear or anxiety)
  • Are you feeling helpless and hopeless in your waking life?

Is It True If You See a Person In Your Dream They Miss You

is it true if you see a person while dreaming they miss you

If you dream about someone you know, it’s unlikely they miss you and far more likely that you miss them

It’s a common misconception to think if you see someone in a dream, they miss you!

Other people’s thoughts do not affect your dreams…

Your own dream world is mainly about yourself and your role in life. 

If you’re dreaming of someone you haven’t seen in a while, this could be your subconscious prompting you to reach out and make contact. It might also be because they stand for an important part of your personality.

When You Dream About a Person, Are They Thinking Of You

Dreaming about someone means they are high in your thoughts, especially if you have repeated dreams about the same person. While they may be thinking of you, this would be a random coincidence

Your dreams are manifestations of your thoughts, desires, and recent activities. You may have been reminded of them recently, or this person represents something happening in your life.

Dreaming Of Falling In Love With Someone Else

Sometimes we dream of things frightening us because we believe it is a premonition. However, dreaming of falling in love with someone else doesn’t mean you will leave your partner or cheat on them

Instead, this dream can indicate you are yearning for something you feel is missing in your relationship. 

  • Perhaps there are things this dream relationship offers you don’t get from your partner?

Dreams are also highly symbolic and should not be taken literally

The dream lover could reflect a part of yourself that you need to nourish. For example, your dream could be telling you to ‘fall in love with yourself’ and treat yourself affectionately.

Dream About Being On A Train With Someone

dream about being on a train with someone

Train dreams often symbolize your path in life, and the tracks indicate you are on a solid course. 

When there are people on the train, they can be stand-ins for your sense of community and how you relate to others. You may feel isolated even if others are on the train, or you may be glad of their company as they journey with you through your stages of life. 

Your emotional state will heavily influence the meaning of a dream about being on a train with other people.

Dream About Someone Standing At Your Door

Carl Jung believed that houses in dreams stood for the self, with different rooms representing aspects of our past, personality, and subconscious

Doorways often symbolize new beginnings, and someone standing at the door in a dream could have a positive or negative meaning. 

They may represent someone who is offering an opportunity or be the person who stands in your way of starting a new venture!

Dream Of Someone Confessing Love To You

It’s usually pleasant to have someone confess their love for you, which holds true in a dream. However, as in life, this may be a negative experience if their person’s affection is unwanted or makes you feel guilty and harassed. 

Pay attention to your emotions in the dream, as they will help guide you here. For example, a positive reading may be that:

  • You have picked up on subtle social clues that someone is attracted to you in real life, 
  • or you may have a crush on them that is reciprocated.

What Does It Mean If I Dream Of Healing Someone?

dream of healing someone

Healing someone else in a dream points to two major possible interpretations. 

If the other person in your dream is an archetype, you may need to ‘heal’ or work on that aspect of yourself

Archetypes are universal and recognizable symbols, such as the Sage, the Artist, the Maiden, or the Child. For example, dreaming of healing an Explorer could show you need to let yourself have more freedom.

Dreaming of healing could also mean you must fix the problems this person represents. For example, someone from your past can stand for a repressed and hidden part of yourself that you don’t want to face, but you need to fix it before you can grow.

Dreaming Of Someone Sleeping Beside You

If you dream of someone sleeping next to you, you might be craving the comfort and security this person brings you

If it’s a stranger sleeping next to you, you could be experiencing a desire for more affection in your life. If you feel lonely, this dream can be a way to fill the gap. 

Finally, you could be experiencing a stressful situation in your waking life, and you wish someone could support and help you during this difficult period.

Dream Of Someone Apologizing To Me

Dreams where people apologize can stem from feelings of regret or guilt

For example, you could be apologizing to yourself for mistakes you have made in the past. Archetypes again will play a decisive role in this dream interpretation. Suppose you behaved badly, and it has affected your life. In that case, that part of yourself may be apologizing so you can forgive yourself and move on.

When recognizable people apologize, they may be uppermost in your mind because you feel they have wronged you somehow. You want them to feel regret for the hurt they have caused. Your subconscious may perceive this person as a threat and expect them to hurt you and is warning you.

Dreaming Of Someone Who Did You Wrong

When you dream of someone who has hurt you, this may be because you have an intense emotional connection to what happened and cannot move on

This person may have influenced your life profoundly and negatively, and you feel stuck because of what they did to you. 

However, you can’t make other people change who they are. Still, you can allow yourself to let go of the emotional attachment so you can progress in life.

Dreams About Someone Stealing And Getting Caught

If you dream about someone stealing from you, but they get caught, this might show your fear that you are about to lose something and your hopes that this will not happen. 

You may have invested in the stock market, and there has been a slump – you may be hoping for a reversal of fortune and for the market to recover.

This dream can also warn you about fears that someone will betray you, or perhaps they have already, and you have caught them out in the act.

Dreams About Yelling At Someone

dreams about yelling at someone

It’s not uncommon to have a dream where you yell at someone else.

Once again, your emotions are fundamental to getting to this dream’s root. 

  • Are you fearful of or for them and worried about something that will happen?
  • Do you have underlying anger and resent this person for their success, especially if it comes at your cost?

Sometimes the person in your dream represents an authority figure and their control over your life. You could feel powerless and resentful and want them to hear what you say.

Dream About Punching Someone, and It Doesn’t Hurt Them

Anger is a powerful motivator for dreams, and physical violence suggests that you are fighting against imposed authority or releasing your rage against a person who has hurt you

However, since you punch someone in a dream without effect, this ties back to how powerless you feel. Your actions or words seem to have no impact on the waking world.

Helping Someone In A Dream

dream where you help others will generally have positive connotations.

It could be that you are providing emotional support t those around you, or you have knowledge you share freely. 

People may respect your leadership, and if you are in a powerful position, this dream indicates you use that influence to help the people around you.

Dreams About Someone You Don’t Talk To Anymore

Your dreaming mind can use people from your past to symbolize something about yourself or your life that you should pay attention to now. 

Something about that person ties in with events or situations you are experiencing, and your subconscious is trying to draw your attention to that. 

Consider what about that person resonates strongly with you and how that mirrors your life now?

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