Dream About Fish Out of Water (What This Means for YOU)

dream about fish out of water

Don’t you think it’s fascinating?

Thousands of people around the world had the same basic dream about “a fish out of water”.

The language of your dreams uses images that are familiar to all of us. But to discover the true personal meaning of your dream you probably need to dig a little deeper.

Keep reading if you want to decipher your unconscious dream and help transform your waking life.

What Does a Dream About Fish Out of Water Mean

The surface of water is generally considered to represent the boundary between the conscious and the unconscious mind. To dream of a fish out of water is symbolic of unconscious desires that are prevented from expressing themselves.

A lot of the time, the sea is thought to portray the subconscious, and fish swimming are ideas dancing under the surface.

Carl Jung considered fish to be a symbol of the deepest parts of the unconscious. Jung’s symbolic meaning of fish is a result of their cold-blooded nature, and because they were one of the earliest creatures to evolve. Jung was at the origin of many insightful contributions to the study of dreams and their meaning. Erik Ackroyd’s Dream Dictionary gives an interesting breakdown of how to use Jung’s methods of dream interpretation (Amazon link)

Therefore, a fish coming out of water is equivalent to inner thoughts or longings that arise from the unconscious.

This dream image would suggest that a deep level of wisdom is trying to penetrate your waking consciousness and influence your daily attitudes.

After all…

Your dreams tell you what’s going on inside you, and can help tell you what you need to do to achieve greater fulfillment.

So at a fundamental level, this kind of fish dream represents deep-rooted ideas that need to be revealed in your conscious existence, to influence waking life.

The aim, of course, is greater psychological harmony.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to obtain self-knowledge and focus on areas of your life that might be troubling you.

But the symbolism of a “fish out of water” could also have several other interpretations.

Dream Interpretation Fish Out Of Water

This kind of dream symbol can also mean other things such as:

  • Inspiration and creativity
  • Fertility and abundance
  • Unconscious insights
  • Feeling lost (like a fish out of water)

In the dreaming world, a fish is also considered an omen of creativity and imagination.

This could represent hidden creative truths about yourself which are trying to “come to the surface” and break through to your conscious waking life.

Fertility is another common fish dream meaning. But don’t take this as literally meaning ideas about conception. It can also imply the birth of new ideas and the potential for something new.

Dreaming of a fish out of water could also be an unconscious insight at many levels.

Are you afraid of acknowledging an inner conflict of some kind? It could be that your emotional reactions, like fear, resentment, frustration, are trying to express themselves in your dreams.

Finally, it might simply be that you are feeling lost in your waking life.

Has something changed in your daily environment to make you feel less secure? Lifestyle changes like a new job or moving home can put you in challenging situations.

Hence the phrase:

“A fish out of water”

interpretions for fish out of water

Given all these possible interpretations, you need to focus on the most significant meaning the dream symbol holds for you.

The first thing to keep in mind is not all dreams have a profound meaning. They could simply be a reflection of trivial everyday events.

Also, dream interpretation is very personal. A fish dream symbol can mean different things to each individual. The meaning of a dream should be something that “clicks” with you and your personal situation.

Consider the emotional charge of the dream. Your reaction could give you a clue to what’s going on inside.

Interesting note: In the Zodiac, a fish is the symbol of Pisces. Does your dream have something to do with a person born under that sun sign?

What Does a Fish Out Of Water Symbolize?

A fish needs water to exist. The symbolic meaning of a fish removed from water expresses the idea of something removed from its familiar environment and put in a distressing situation.

This familiar saying is easily understood and the image fittingly expresses someone uncomfortable in a specific situation. Your mind understands the significance of this image and uses it to communicate subconscious feelings.

Types of Dreams About Fish Out Of Water

The precise setting and circumstances of your dream about a fish out of water can add an extra level of meaning.

Are you catching fish? Are they colored fish such as white or black fish? Are they sea fish, or do they come from a river? Are they small or big fish ? Is it clear or muddy water​? Each detail might hold its own symbolism.

Here are some common variations of this dream theme:

Dream About Fish Jumping Out of Water

If you dreamed of fish leaping out of the water this could be symbolic of unconscious feelings or instincts making a brief appearance. These flying fish could represent something liberating or even frightening in your waking life.

This might describe something in your unconscious that wants to infiltrate your conscious mind. Perhaps some hidden truth about yourself which deep down you feel needs to be expressed in waking life

Dream About Dead Fish Out Of Water

dream about dead fish out od water

Dreaming about a dead fish out of water expresses a need to liberate basic emotions. This might reveal inner desires which have been left unaccomplished.

Your subconscious stores all the emotionally charged experiences from your life.

Sometimes we push these feelings aside because they don’t correspond to our conscious mind’s interpretation of how to live.

Your deeper desires might need to be fulfilled to achieve a more balanced psychological state.

Another possible interpretation is that the cold dead fish represents a part of you that avoids social interaction.

This absence of emotional sympathy might signify a need for quiet time for yourself. Or are you just avoiding people in waking life?

Also, think back to the state of the fish in your dream. Is it actually dead or just injured?

A harmed fish could represent that you’re going through an emotionally painful period in your waking life.

Dream About Saving a Fish Out Of Water

dream about saving a fish out of water

If you dreamed of saving a fish out of the water this expresses the caring and creative side of your personality. It could be a message from your dreams to say you are missing opportunities to express your creativeness.

Perhaps you have some inhibitions about unexploited skills, inspiration, creativity, and fertility (new ideas). The fish symbolism of this dream represents a desire to “save” this side of your psyche.

The psyche refers to your mind, soul, and spirit. The psyche includes parts of your unconscious and conscious mind.

Dream of Pulling Fish Out Of Water

The surface of water represents the limit between the subconscious (below water) and the conscious (above water). The action of pulling a fish from water in a dream represents extracting the contents of your unconscious mind into consciousness.

Perhaps your fish dream is telling you it is time to take a good look at your inner emotions and seek your true self.

Dream of Koi Fish Out of Water

dreams about koi fish

The characteristics of Koi fish have generated admiration for centuries. Their meanings include things like strength, opportunities, determination, and caring. Each of these colorful fish has different symbolic meanings depending on the type and color.

If you see a Koi fish in a dream it could represent one of the many symbolic meanings below:

  • Black koi: Masculinity, perseverance, success, and strength.
  • White: fulfillment and success
  • Red: love, motherhood, and caring. Also symbolizes strength
  • White and red: success in business accomplishments
  • Orange/yellow koi: represents love

Spiritual Meaning of Fish Jumping Out of Water

Fish have been used by many religions as a symbol of divinity. They tend to express the idea of spiritual abundance and nourishment for the soul.

The spiritual meaning of a fish out of water could reveal something about your divine potential.

Fish are also traditional symbols of Christianity. Dreaming of fish could reflect a need for spiritual nourishment, or to draw near to god.

At a spiritual level, a fish might also represent your true self.

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