Dream About Going Bald (How to Interpret)

dream about going bald

I’m not kidding!

I really thought this was happening to me! I had a dream about going bald. For me the answer was simple. In real life I had started to suspect I was losing my hair!

The images from my dreamscape were probably just a sign of my nervousness in waking life.

But this might not be the case for you.

There are a multitude of reasons why we dream of baldness. And they’re not always negative 🙂

And interpreting the real reason can go a long way to improving your overall emotional harmony.

Everything’s explained in detail below.


What Does it Mean When You Dream about Going Bald?

In general, dreaming about going bald symbolizes worries about getting old. Hair also represents strength and vigor, so a dream about losing hair and becoming bald can mean concerns about your self-esteem.

If you have a dream like this, and in real life you have concerns about baldness, the most straightforward interpretation is simple. It reveals anxieties about possibly losing your hair, and all that this implies.

Let’s consider these different meanings one at a time:


As a “dream symbol” baldness is closely associated with aging.

The symbolic connection is pretty obvious.

Old folks tend to lose their hair!

So a dream of becoming bald might express your apprehension in waking life about growing older.


“You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old!”


Another popular meaning for this type of dream relates to self-image or self-worth.

Our outward appearance can be closely tied to our conscious identity. We’re often concerned about the way others appraise us, which can affect how important we feel.

Hairlessness in a dream represents feelings of insecurity.

However, I’d also encourage you to think about the context of the baldness in your dream.

For example, you could argue that “going bald” is not the same as “being bald”.

So which one was it?

What Does it Mean When You Dream of Being Bald?

A dream about being bald could symbolize something about intelligence. The dream could be highlighting something you feel about your cleverness, or inversely, concerns about not being intelligent enough.

In your day to day life you might need to deal with events which question your intelligence. Whether or not the outcomes are good or bad, this can be reflected in the landscape of your dreams.

If you’re having doubts about how smart you are in daily life, remember, dreams like this are usually just a way to tell you to get better prepared for some kind of challenge.

Never forget…

If you’re feeling uncertain about your real-life intellect, the fact is, intelligence is not innate! Everybody has thesame ability to learn skills.

Don’t believe me?

Well, if you’re not convinced, I recommend you read Mindset – by Carol Dweck (Amazon link). It could just change the way you see the world and positively transform your attitude to cleverness.

Bald Dream Meanings

There are several accepted meanings for dreams involving baldness:

  • Concerns about age
  • Issues relating to self-esteem
  • The way you perceive your intelligence

This is why it’s important to note your feelings and any other details about your dreams.

If you’re serious about understanding your dreams you would benefit from keeping a detailed dream journal (Amazon) where you make note of your most significant dreams. 

Your “bald dream” could be a way for your unconscious intelligence to express a number of different things.

It depends on each individual’s situation. The context and surroundings count just as much as your emotions during the dream scene.

Your dream might also involve yourself, someone you know, or just people around you in general. Each type of representation could have a different meaning for you personally.

Let’s take a look at some different bald dream scenarios:

Dream About Going Bald (Female)

dream going bald female

When you’re a woman, dreams about going bald might reflect anxiety about your public image or self worth. Your hairstyle is something personal and public at the same time. To dream of baldness might be a subconscious warning about your social standing and perceptions of self confidence.

Baldness is considered almost normal for some men, but for most women, the idea of being bald is particularly difficult.

It has a lot to do with self-image. And for a woman it relates to things like:

  • Vigor
  • Womanhood
  • Vanity
  • Self-esteem

So unless you’re having concerns about real-life hair loss, this kind of dream is probably more about a loss of self-image.

Dream About Going Bald (Male)

As a man, if you dream of becoming bald, this can symbolize feelings about getting old, your self-confidence, or perceptions about how smart you are. Examine events in your waking life to find the correct interpretation for you.


If baldness is mostly about vanity for women, for men it’s more to do with virility.

Strength, or the appearance of strength, is considered an important trait of masculinity.

And traditionally hair represents strength, so losing it in a dream could imply feelings about losing power, control, or manliness.

Consider the biblical story of Samson: his prodigious strength was derived from his hair. He fell in love with a beautiful woman named Delilah, who tricked him into revealing the source of his supernatural strength. Samson lost his power when his hair was cut after Delilah betrayed him.

The symbolism of going bald also represents feelings of being unwanted or undesired.

Perhaps your unconscious mind is trying to tell you to surrender some of your feelings about masculinity. Or change your perception of manliness.

You might also be feeling neglected in your waking life.


Seeing ourselves grow old also provokes anxious feelings which men often keep to themselves. Studies have shown that repressed feelings in waking life become negative symbols in your dreams.

Try to be positive about your maturing age !

Studies have shown that longevity increases by up to 15% when people have a positive attitude towards getting old!

One of my favorite poems about aging goes like this:

“Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light”.

– Dylan Thomas: poem written for Thomas’s dying father.


Finally, a dream like this might be provoked by daily events which question your smartness.

Is something in your day to day life proving a bit of a challenge? It’s possible that your subconscious is trying to tell you to take action, in order to feel better about yourself and restore a more balanced emotional state.

Seeing Yourself Bald in a Dream

Baldness in dreams is a symbol of intelligence. To see yourself bald while dreaming displays issues about your intellect. This might involve confidence about your intellectual status, or you feel you’re not smart enough for something.

Are there recent or upcoming events in your life which you find challenging?

For example, do you have a test or work deadline looming up? Or an occasion where you have to make a public presentation?

Maybe your subconscious is sending you a warning because you’re putting off the work you need to do to prepare for an upcoming challenge.

Seeing a Bald Man in a Dream

bald man in a dream

Seeing bald people in a dream generally represents notions of aging and wisdom. This is a broad symbolic meaning, so the real interpretation also depends very much on the context and setting of bald people in your dream landscape.

Think about the dream surrounding the bald characters in your dream.

What are they doing, and what emotions do they trigger for you? What is their attitude towards you?

All these details will give you clues to the full meaning.

It’s often said that seeing a head in a dream signifies logic and wisdom. This can symbolize the conscious self (the logical side) as opposed to unconscious thought (the more intuitive side).

Your dream could be telling you something about the decision making side of yourself in waking life, or your day to day accomplishments.

What do the Symbolic ties to wisdom and intellect represent for you personally?

Dream of Someone Going Bald

Dreaming of someone else going bald could represent ill-will towards a person and a desire to see them disgraced, humiliated, or have their reputation tainted.

Projecting baldness onto someone suggests the desire to see another person degraded in some way, to put their intelligence in doubt, or lower their self-worth. This could represent feelings of jealousy or resentment.

Could the person going bald in the dream be a representation of someone in your day to day environment?

Dream of Being Partially Bald

A dream where you are only partially bold could symbolize issues about your intellect. This could mean uncertainty or a lack of clear thinking about something in your waking world.

Considering the symbolic link to conscious thinking, it’s possible you’re facing uncertainty about decisions that need to be made in the waking world.

Is your unconscious intelligence telling you you need to be more resolute and make decisions about an important event in your life?

Dream About Shaving Your Head

When you dream about shaving your head this can be interpreted as a positive or negative subconscious sign, depending on how happy you are about your new haircut!

If you’re glad about having your hair shaved in the dream this symbolizes success in your daily accomplishments and positive emotions of fulfillment.

However, if your dream makes you feel unhappy, it suggests concerns about your self-confidence and is symbolic of feelings of weakness.

This kind of dream could also imply a change in attitude towards something or someone in waking life.

You might also be subconsciously ridding yourself of something or someone in your real life.

Spiritual Meaning of Baldness

Some cultures traditionally consider a bald head to express financial loss.

For Buddhists, shaving your head symbolizes surrendering worldly things to focus on a spiritual life.

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