Dream About Driving A Car Out Of Control (Interpret with Clarity!)

dream about driving a car out of control

If you’ve been dreaming about losing control of a car you’re driving, you may be glad to know this is not an unusual dream. Cars are often a metaphor our psyche uses for the course of our life. 

In these stressful times, it’s unsurprising that we dream things are beyond our control.

Dreams about losing control of a car are, in fact, not uncommon. 

The difficulties we experience in dreams often reflect what happens in our waking lives. Many psychologists believe these common dreams could prove that our brains use dream symbols to represent things in our lives. But what exactly is your subconscious mind trying to tell you?

What Does It Mean To Dream About Driving A Car That’s Out Of Control?

The car in your dream could symbolize your desires or life route, signaling that something needs to change before you crash. For example, you may need to slow down and re-evaluate to regain control over an aspect of yourself or your life.

Here are some possible interpretations for your dream:

You Feel Like You’ve Lost Control of Your Life

Cars can often symbolize the path we’re taking in life. If all is going smoothly, we’re likely driving fine. But losing control of the car shows we are losing control over our lives

  • Perhaps some events in your waking life have left you feeling like things are spiraling out of control?
  • Maybe you’ve made a wrong turn, and a careening car is a sign that you must take a step back?

It’s time to re-evaluate your choices and see if there’s a better route.

You’re Heading Toward an Emotional Crash

An out-of-control car might represent our emotions, as well as external influences. For example, it could be that things in a relationship are coming to a head or that you feel emotionally fragile and unable to deal with everyday stressors.

You may be due a break and some time for relaxation. Unfortunately, you can’t live on emotional overdrive and not expect things to go off track. Making thoughtless decisions means you may soon face some heartbreaking repercussions.

You’re Not In Control of Your Image

In many dreams, the kind of car you drive symbolizes how you present yourself to the world. The vehicle may also indicate how you want people to envision you. When the car in your dream is a mirror for your image, losing control could suggest that it’s time to rethink how you see yourself.

Sometimes how we view ourselves and, in contrast, how we present ourselves to others can be disconnected. If your public image is not in harmony with your true self, you could feel like you’re losing control. Perhaps it’s time to ‘be real’ and present a more honest version of yourself.

You Need To Get Your Ambitions Back on Track

Is your career going rapidly downhill, or do you feel like you have no say in what’s happening in your working life? This powerlessness could be reflected in your dream of losing control of the car you are driving. The car—especially if it’s a work or utility vehicle—can be a metaphor for your career.

If you’re too ambitious or overreaching, this could also be reflected in losing control. Look at your work life, and ask yourself:

  • If it’s balanced, 
  • If you’re in the wrong job, 
  • Have no control over what you do, 
  • Or have overextended yourself.

You’re Feeling Anxious About Events

Sometimes the destination can help you unravel the meaning of your dream. For example, if an upcoming event gives you a lot of stress, and you feel overwhelmed, you might dream of losing control over the car that will get you there.

Alternatively, you might be planning a wedding, and in your dream, you’re trying to reach a church and lose control of the car. It’s time to delegate the planning or call others to help spread the load.

You’ve Lost Your Creative Energy

The Wheel or Circle is often a symbol of creative energy and the world’s life force. Wheels divided into four are considered powerful Jungian images that point to the concept of being whole. If you notice that the steering wheel or the wheels on the car are divided like this, it can mean your creative energy is out of sync.

You’re Being Casual About Sex

Cars can also be phallic symbols, and dreaming of a car going out of control could indicate things are going off track in your romantic relationship. One possible interpretation is that you are too casual sexually, and you or someone else could end up being hurt. 

Dreams About Losing Control Of A Car

speeding car

Freud believed that the symbols in our dreams represented our repressed desires. Losing control over the car could indicate our fear of what will happen if we keep repressing those desires. It could also show that we are frightened of the consequences of those desires.

When trying to unravel the meaning of your dream, make a note of these details:

  • What car were you driving—a sports car, a work car, an old beater, etc.?
  • Was it a new car or an old one—this could indicate if the desire has been with you for a long time or is a more recent one.
  • How were you driving, and did you feel in control initially, or was your driving erratic?
  • Was there anyone in the car with you, and what might they represent to you?
  • Where were you trying to go—could the destination represent a goal you have?
  • Was anyone hurt if you caused an accident, and who were they?

When you have these points down, you can look at events happening in your waking life or consider how you currently feel about yourself, your life path, or your relationships. Finally, you can map out what your psyche is trying to tell you.

Dreaming Of Being In A Car With No One Driving

When no one is driving the car, and it’s out of control, this is a powerful wake-up call that you feel utterly powerless in your life. It’s a sign that you must take charge of your situation before things go from bad to worse.

It could be that you feel like a passenger in your own life, content to let the world direct you. But as the car is now out of control, that’s no longer working. 

Instead, you need to step up and give yourself a goal and direction in life.

Dream About Driving A Car And The Brakes Don’t Work

If you’re driving your car, and the brakes suddenly fail, your dream may remind you that something you’re doing is sabotaging your plans. If you’re stressed, the things that should work all fall apart. Minor problems can feel insurmountable.

Failing brakes show that you need to slow down and take stock of the small things. But, unfortunately, these little problems can add up and create more anxiety; before long, you’ve lost control over your goals.

Dream About A Car Out Of Control And Driving Backward

When the car starts rolling or driving backward, your subconscious mind probably longs to return to when things felt safer or easier. Perhaps you want to return to a point where you thought you had more control.

It could also be that those earlier times were less stressful. By rolling back to them, you show your desire to rid yourself of extra stress. On the other hand, it could also show that the goal you’ve decided on is unsuitable for you, and you need to go back and choose a new focus.

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