What Does It Mean When You Dream About Fighting A Stranger?

dream about fighting a stranger

Dreams can be so confusing that we feel overwhelmed by them. 

When we dream about conflict situations, these feelings can intensify. 

Nevertheless, most psychologists and philosophers think dreams provide insight into our subconscious emotions and desires. 

Since dreams can tell us a lot about who we are and the emotional space we find ourselves in, dreams about fighting strangers can help you understand your current emotional state or help identify frustrations or concerns in your waking life.

But who is the stranger?

And what does it mean if you’re dreaming about fighting them?

Let’s find out…

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Fighting A Stranger? 

Dreams about fighting a stranger could relate to your inner struggles and conflicts with your sense of self, values, or personal growth. It could also imply that you are suppressing parts of yourself and fighting against your authentic self. 

Dreams About Fighting

Fighting is a relatively common thing to dream about. Since humans are relational creatures, our lives are filled with the ups and downs that are part and parcel of having relationships with others. So when conflict arises, it can be both distressing and emotional. And this carries over into our dreams.

When we dream about arguments or fights, the most common meaning could relate to:

  • actual conflicts
  • suppressed emotions
  • or frustrations with someone in your life

You may feel like you aren’t on the same page with someone or that you need to clear the air: this can be echoed in dreams about fighting. 

However, dreams about fights could also connect to the emotional turmoil you may be experiencing in your waking life. 

Perhaps you are in a situation that makes you uncomfortable at work, school, or in your social environment. The fighting you’re dreaming about represents your desire to fight against that.

Similarly, it can represent how you choose to deal with problems or challenges in your waking life

Are you:

  • overtly aggressive, 
  • are you more defensive, 
  • or do you swing first and ask questions later, for example? 

Look at the fighting scenario you’re dreaming about and see if it relates to your natural tendencies to deal with obstacles in your daily life.

Another meaning of fights in dreams could pertain to frustrations or irritation that you may feel in response to circumstances blocking your progressstanding in the way of your goals, or stopping your personal growth

  • Are you fighting against a moral or ethical dilemma in your waking life? 

Dreams about fighting also represent your inner self and your desire to stand up and protect who you are or vent your anger or rage openly

Dreams About Strangers

There are many theories about what strangers represent in dreams. Some suggest that a stranger in your dream world refers to your inner self, the person you want to be, or the person you are hiding from the rest of the world.

Think briefly about the stranger in your dream and what they look like and act like, and how you feel about them. The stranger may reflect the person you aspire to be. It could also be a safe way of looking at who you are and whether you recognize and approve of that person.

In this way, dreaming about a stranger can be very helpful as it may help you identify areas in your life that require some worksome TLC, or to be unleashed from being suppressed

Some also feel that dreaming about a stranger is a yearning you may feel toward certain qualities or characteristics. For example, is the stranger attractive, intelligent, or exciting? Perhaps you desire to feel like those are descriptions of who you are. 

Dream About Getting In A Fight With a Stranger 

If you’ve had a dream about getting in a fight with a stranger, it could imply that you find yourself in a difficult situation. Whether you’re experiencing conflict in your work environment, social circle, or family, this dream could express your frustration in waking life.

However, if we take that a stranger in your dream represents your true self, a dream about fighting a stranger could reference the conflict you’re feeling with your inner self

  • Are you toiling to live an authentic and true lifestyle?
  • Are you struggling against your dreams and desires because you’re in a situation where you have to act a certain way or live a particular role?

Dreams about fighting with a stranger could also represent the internal conflict between your morality, sense of reason, and inner desires and emotions. 

  • Are you suppressing deep emotions you are too afraid to show the world? 
  • Are there some parts of who you are that you’re keeping hidden? 

This could be your prompt to let it go and release who you are – the fight you are engaged in is with yourself, and if it’s because you’re not allowed to be yourself, take a dream like this as an encouragement to step back and let yourself to be free.

Dreams About Fistfighting With A Stranger

A fistfight, in particular, can be pretty scary in a dream. Coming to blows with a stranger seems very personal because you must be close to them to land a hit. This could mean you feel a conflict in your waking life in a deeply personal or intimate aspect.

Fistfights also imply relying on your strength and skill to triumph as the victor. 

  • Do you feel that your strengths and abilities are being tested or that you’re being forced to rely on these to survive? 

Dreams about physical altercations with a stranger suggest that your competencies are being tested.

Furthermore, a fistfight will result either from needing to defend yourself or because you’re dealing with immediate threats that require intervention. Compare this to your waking life: 

  • do you need to defend who you are
  •  your role at work
  •  or in a relationship?

This could be what your dream is highlighting. 

It’s also possible that dreams about fist fights could be an indication of a significant change coming your way, and in this way, should be seen as a warning to prepare yourself, gird your loins, so to speak, and equip yourself effectively to take on the threat lying ahead. 

Meaning Of A Dream Where You Are Fighting A Stranger to Protect A Girl From Getting Hurt

Naturally, dreaming about fighting someone off to protect another person feels like an honorable deed. So in our dreams, this could symbolize wanting to save someone else, having to defend their honor, or fighting to keep them safe. 

Depending on who the girl in your dream is – or whom she represents – this may give you insight into why you’re dreaming about fighting for her.

The girl in the dream could also represent your innocent or well-meaning self

If your life is filled with conflict, it may seem like you’re just spending all your time defending who you are and fighting to keep yourself safe. 

Fighting for someone in a dream could also represent your inner goodness, your honor, and your noble intentions of wanting to keep others safe and fight for what is good and right in the world

This could be seen as an affirmation of your good heart 🙂

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