Coughing Up Blood In A Dream (How To Interpret?)

coughing up blood in dream

Blood in a dream can leave you feeling unsettled about the possible meaning. This is especially true when you dream that you are coughing up blood. 

But is it a bad omen?

Or could a favorable interpretation of this dream exist?

It’s not uncommon to dream about blood, as this is a highly potent symbol. Blood is life, the energy that courses through us and gives us vitality. So when we have dreams where there is blood, it represents our life force, creativity, and spirituality and is not necessarily a negative metaphor.

In the following article, I’ll explain several possible interpretations…

What Does It Mean To Cough Up Blood In A Dream?

Coughing in dreams indicates something is wrong in your waking life. When coughing up blood, something is likely draining your energy, leaving you listless and exhausted. Coughing up blood can also be a way for your psyche to remind you to pay attention to your physical well-being.

You might be concerned if you dream about coughing up blood that it is a warning of death or terrible things about to happen. 

However, dreams use familiar metaphors to guide us toward a better course.

Freud believed that the details in dreams were symbols of the subconscious pointing toward our desires. He also noticed that events that had occurred the previous day would often show up in our dreams, which could be a way for our minds to work through things troubling us.

When considering the different interpretations of coughing up blood in a dream, it helps to look at recent events in your life. Your dream is probably concerned with things that are uppermost in your mind. Consider the emotion you felt in the dream and your physical state in the waking world.

Coughing can indicate that you feel dissatisfied with what the future holds or fear the possible outcome of your pathCoughing blood represents energy that you think is wasted on your current pursuits.

You Are in a State of Emotional Chaos

Blood can symbolize our passions, the things we love, and our life force. However, if you cough up blood, your emotional life may be in turmoil, leaving you feeling drained. 

If you are fighting with people in your waking life, this chaos and anger can carry over into your dream.

This dream can be a warning to find a way to settle your differences before it further affects your life.

You Feel Powerless or Vulnerable

Another interpretation is that you feel you have lost power over your life (your life force is leaving you against your will). You may be in a situation where someone at home or work makes you feel vulnerable.

Consider recent interactions with people you know and how they have left you feeling. 

  • Is there a way for you to regain control of your life or relationship?

You Are Scared of Infection

Your dream may have a more literal meaning, especially if you were recently around people who were sick or coughing. You could be more afraid of contagion, especially of getting sick would drastically impact your life.

Worries in real life have symbols representing them in dreams, but fear of illness can be pretty straightforward. 

Pay extra attention to your health, or avoid going to large events where many people might be if you are worried about getting sick.

You Are Feeling Unwell or Exhausted

It could be that your health is already at risk, and while you haven’t noticed symptoms, your subconscious has picked up on something

You could be under a lot of stress, thereby impacting your health.

You could also dream about coughing up blood if you are exhausted and run down

It might be time to step back from the pressures or workloads overloading you. The dream warns that continuing to carry emotional and work burdens could put your health at risk.

You Have Lost Someone or Something

Blood can also symbolize what is precious to you, especially someone or something, making your life immeasurably better. For example, if you are worried about someone leaving you—especially suddenly—you could dream about coughing up blood.

This dream can also be a response to losing someone you loved to illness.

You Are Ready to Let Go of a Grudge

Sometimes dreams in which we are purged of something indicate that we need to cleanse our lives. 

Coughing up blood can show that you were holding a grudge or have been in conflict with someone. The dream indicates that this grudge is hurting you emotionally and that it is time to let it go so you can heal.

You Are Wasting Time on Unproductive Activities

If the blood in your dream represents wasted effort or life, it could be that your psyche is trying to wake you up to the lost causes you are following. 

  • Is there something in your life that sucks at your time and energy but produces nothing constructive?

You may be playing console games for hours at night instead of spending time with your family or reading a good book.

Dream Of Blood Coming Out Of Mouth

Blood has had powerful connotations throughout history and often represents opposites, such as life and death, redemption and execution. For this reason, it’s important to note all the aspects of your dream to get a satisfactory reading.

  • Note your emotional state in the dream—were you scared, revolted, or relieved?
  • Was there anyone else present in the dream—were you in a crowd, alone, or with a significant person?
  • How do you feel physically in waking life? Consider that the dream may highlight a health problem you haven’t noticed.
  • What events are happening or upcoming in your daily life?

Blood coming out of your mouth may mean you need to free yourself of something limiting you. But, unfortunately, it can also indicate that something in your life is draining your vitality.

By analyzing all the aspects of your dream and recent events, you can guide yourself toward tackling any crises or conflicts that may be upcoming.

Dream Of Someone Else Coughing Up Blood

If someone else is coughing up blood, the dream may indicate that you know someone else in your life needs help

If the person is a stranger, they may symbolize an aspect of yourself, and you wish someone would come to your aid.

Suppose someone you recognize is coughing blood onto you. In that case, your subconscious signals that this person may not be perfectly honest with you. You should resolve your issues carefully.

Dream Of Coughing Up Black Mucus

This dream is rarely a good omen. Coughing up black mucus or slime warns that something has gone or is about to go very wrong. You are being drawn into an emotional conflict that will leave you drained and perhaps fragment your relationships.

It’s time to take a step back from events and see if there is a better way to deal with your situation. The black mucus strongly signifies that this path leads to things ending or degrading, and you must rethink your approach.

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