Is It True If You See Someone In Your Dream They Miss You?

is it true if you see someone in your dream they miss you

Seeing someone you know in a dream may make you wonder if there is some connection between the two of you. 

Many people believe this dream indicates that you are in their thoughts. 

But is it possible that you dream about them because they miss you?

There are several ways to interpret a dream where someone you know appears. Much depends on your emotional connection to that person and what they may symbolize for you. 

Is It True That Seeing Someone In Your Dream Means They Miss You?

Dreams reflect your situation and desires, so dreaming of someone indicates they are uppermost in your mind, not that they miss you. You might dream of them for positive or negative reasons. They may even represent another person or situation happening now in your life.

Our dreams are deeply personal – mirroring things that are meaningful to us. These may be events we’ve witnessed or have happened to us in the last few days or even deeply-held trauma from our childhood.

However, dreams can be simply your brain processing and running checks, like a biological computer, or even a restorative process essential to physical well-being. Even so, our subconscious is remarkable, and dreams play a vital part in making sense of our world.

People in your dream can appear because they are connected to events that our brain is processing as important, or they may stand for something you associate with that person.

Your dreaming brain uses people to impart a message, and we’ll look at some of the likely reasons you may see someone you know in your dream.

You Miss That Person

If you dream about someone and get in contact with them only to discover they miss you, this is a coincidence. Dreaming of someone says something about your feelings for them – you were likely missing them subconsciously.

Especially if you were dreaming about someone you were once close to, but now you have drifted apart, it’s unsurprising if you were missing each other

Someone or something in your waking life might have recently reminded you of that person, which is why they appeared in your dream.

You Feel Guilty About Your Actions

Dreams are closely linked to your emotional state, and strong feelings often cause recurring dreams and powerful images

Ernest Hattman posits that your underlying emotion is key to unraveling the meaning of the images in your dreams.

One powerful motivator is guilt, and it is possible that you feel bad about something you recently did

Suppose the person appearing in your dreams is someone you hurt. In that case, your brain may be warning you that your current actions are repeating this pattern of behavior.

You Have a Crush

When you meet someone you like and are attracted to, it’s not unusual for them to be at the top of your mind. Your dreams will often revolve around your current interests, including someone you are romantically attracted to and therefore spend a lot of time thinking about.

Sometimes you may dream of being physical with someone (such as hugging or kissing them) even though you are not attracted to them in your waking life

It may be that some aspect of them is something you like and perhaps wish to emulate.

Remember, this dream might have nothing to do with your actual job! Instead, the job symbolizes some aspect of your life that you need to develop or spend more time nurturing.

You Need Guidance

Sometimes the person in our dream represents wisdom or guidance, especially when we dream of someone who has positively influenced our life. For example, perhaps you may dream of a favorite teacher or a relative who you saw as someone who understood you growing up.

You may be in a situation where you wish a figure could guide you or provide valuable insight into a problem. 

The person you need to speak to might not even be the person you’re dreaming about (though it could be). Instead, it might be someone who fills the role of leader and confidante.

You Feel You Should Be More Like Them

People in dreams can represent characteristics of the self. These facets can be positive or negative and act as warnings or desires.

For example, suppose you dream about someone you think is inherently kind, who will always see the best in others. In that case, your psyche may be pushing you to behave like that in a current situation in your life.

Much will depend on your feelings for this person, what they mean to you in your subconscious landscape, and what traits you associate with them.

You Are Warning Yourself Not to Act Like Them

The opposite of this is when you have strong negative associations with this person. While your subconscious may focus on them because of unresolved trauma, you may also behave in a way that emulates these negative traits.

Your mind may warn you that you are currently behaving in a way you dislike and are using the metaphor of this person in your dreams to show you this.

You Need to Heal From Trauma

Stress and long-term trauma can also cause nightmares and recurring disturbed dreams. For example, if you dream of someone who caused you a lot of physical or emotional pain, they may be lodged in your subconscious.

Your mind wants you to heal from the trauma this person inflicted on you, but you need to face and process it before moving on

Depending on the extent of the trauma, it’s probably best to work with a qualified therapist who can help you deal with these events.

Dreaming About Someone You Miss

When you haven’t seen someone you miss and start to dream about them, your brain may be prodding you to reach out to them again. Especially in our busy modern lives, losing contact with someone you like and were close to can be surprisingly easy.

Your subconscious is giving you a little nudge reminding you to reach out. 

Perhaps you recently met a friend in common, and they are now on your mind?

Your memories from the past few days will activate dream responses, so something you saw or thought recently likely drew that connection to this person. This dream is about your feelings for them; what they think about you will have no bearing.

However, dreaming of a person doesn’t automatically mean you need to contact them; always consider the context before reaching out to someone from your past.

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