Dream of Rushing to Get Ready (What This Really Means)

dream of rushing to get ready

In modern life, time seems to exert an almost relentless pressure.

As a result, dreams of rushing to get ready for something are widespread. They reflect the pressures of everyday life.

This kind of dream is a way for your dreaming mind to send you a message.

Don’t ignore it!

This could be a “wake-up call” from your subconscious to take better control and to achieve a sense of balance between body, mind, and soul.


Your dreams carry messages which have real meaning and can provide helpful guidance.

What does a dream of rushing to get ready mean

Dreaming of rushing around to get ready for something is symbolic of too much pressure in your waking life or a representation of missed opportunities.

This kind of dream can be classified as a “psychological dream.”

In other words, your unconscious mind is warning you about things you would rather not think about.

Your dream is a reflection of your attitude in waking life. The most common interpretations include:

  • A missed opportunity.
  • Too much pressure & trying to achieve too much.

Do you have a goal in life which you find hard to achieve?

Or are you have too many commitments and never have time for yourself?

Are you “rushed off your feet”?

The language of dreams uses images or “symbols” to represent something from your waking world.

The “dream symbol” of seeing yourself rushing around and trying to get ready is characteristic of being unprepared or late.

This is actually a very common type of dream scenario…

Dreams about being late and unprepared

dreams about being late and unprepared

Dreams of being late usually refer to something absent or missing. This could be a simple message about the importance of being prepared. But it might also imply a more profound need for fulfillment in your personal life or career.

You are the best person to interpret your dream. However, to find the true meaning, you should examine the dream in the context of the mood or emotions that the dream evokes.

Seeing actions in dreams is usually associated with your progress in waking life. It’s a way for your inner feelings to make a comment on how you’re progressing in your day-to-day existence.

For real progress to be made, “action” needs to transfer from your dreaming world to your real life.

Dreams about being unprepared and rushing to get ready are strong indications that you feel opportunities are slipping away deep down.

The more you fill your life with busy, meaningless activities, the more the opportunities seem to disappear.

This could be an important message to take a step back and reassess your lifestyle to fulfill more essential objectives.

Similarly, this dream could be telling you that you’re taking on too much.

Have you taken on too many responsibilities?

Do you feel overwhelmed by life’s pressures?

This could be harming real progress on the things which really count.

Again, it might be time to take stock of your lifestyle and concentrate on the really important things you want to achieve.

Dream meaning of being in a hurry

Dreams of being in a hurry clearly represent inner feelings about not having enough time for yourself. Ultimately taking on too many obligations in waking life means missing the chance to fulfill more important objectives.

Of course, there’s also a simple dream interpretation for this…

Your dreaming brain might just be telling you to hurry up and do something important in your normal daily routine.

But it might also be a general comment about the way you’re living at the moment.

Think about it.

When you’re in a hurry (in your dream), you’re probably running late, and usually, that’s because you’re unprepared.

Again, don’t take the vision of “being in a hurry” too literally. Instead, consider what emotions this evokes for you personally.

Does this dream image say something about your own recent events?

Is there something vital that you feel you’re missing out on because you’re too busy taking care of other people or everyday tasks?

Dreams about rushing to get somewhere

dreams about rushing to get somewhere

When you dream of hurrying to get somewhere, this represents your real-world anxiety about not having time for all the essential things. Your subconscious is sending you a message that you’re under too much pressure, causing stress.

This is a very common dream story. ​For example:

​You need to be somewhere in a dream, but obstacles keep getting in the way, or you keep getting distracted from making progress. As the dream goes on, you hurry to get to where you’re going, but it seems almost impossible to get there.

Nowadays, we rush everywhere in an attempt to gain more time.

We’re constantly dividing our attention among many things, answering emails, checking the news, and trying to multitask.

Stop and think about why you’re having this dream.

This is probably caused by a genuine inner conflict.

Perhaps you need a break from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Or your dreaming subconscious is telling you there are too many distractions in your routine. And this could be pushing you further from your real goals.

Either take a break or reconsider your objectives and how to achieve them.

We can only do one thing at a time. It’s true! It’s been proven that switching between multiple tasks hampers productivity.

Dream of Rushing to Work

Work, in a dream, is often a symbol of ambition or anxiety, depending on your real-life relationship with working. In both cases rushing to work in a dream probably represents your feelings of missing out on something.

Be mindful that this kind of dream does not necessarily have anything to do with your job.

The “work” image is used as a metaphor for something else by your subconscious. For example, keep in mind that jobs are closely associated with self-esteem.

The question is, what is your relationship with your place of work?

  • ​For example, for some people, work conjures up emotions of anxiety.
  • ​For others, it is a symbol of ambition and reward.

​Whatever “work” means for you could be a clue to what you feel is missing in your day-to-day accomplishments.

The symbolism of hurrying to work in a dream expresses a desperate quest for an important desire or anxious feelings that you’re not reaching your real-life goals.

This could be a general message about your success or failure in the face of life’s challenges. Do you lack real purpose in life?

Are you an ambitious person? Are you missing out on an opportunity (career or otherwise)?

Ultimately, this could comment on your own behavior, leading to conflicting feelings.

Dream of rushing to catch a flight

Dreaming of Being Left Behind by a Plane

This classic dream symbolizes frustration about missed opportunities in real life. However, this could also be an expression of insecurity or self-doubt.

Dreams of rushing to catch a flight are widespread. But, of course, the most obvious interpretation for this dream could simply reflect your fear of being late (especially if you’re the kind of person who struggles to be on time).

Another common reason for this dream theme is uncertainty or insecurity in your waking life.

Do you tend to lack confidence?

If so, you should try to identify the thing or the person preventing you from “catching the flight” in your dream. This could reflect the real issues in your life causing your insecurity.

Alternatively, this dream symbol could suggest feelings of being left behind. Do you get the impression that people around you are making progress while you lag behind?

If you feel frustrated in your dream, this could be reflecting waking frustrations about missing an occasion or chance to do something meaningful.

Or maybe a new opportunity is flying away!

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